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Prevent Damage from Bruxism, Visit Your Dentist in Laguna Niguel

January 13th, 2021

Across the United States, dentists are noticing an upward trend in bruxism for many of their patients and it’s no coincidence that this lines up with the start of the pandemic. Since the beginning of 2020, individuals with cracked teeth and fillings have participated in more unconscious teeth grinding than ever before. According to Maryam Horiyat, DDS, a dentist in Laguna Niguel, this data makes sense given that coronavirus has caused an undue amount of stress on many households. Financial worries, health concerns, and even political strain have contributed to poor oral health in more ways than one. 



While people are developing more intense bruxism conditions, they are also avoiding their routine dental exams because of health concerns with the pandemic. Fortunately, dentist offices in Mission Viejo have adopted stricter sanitation guidelines and adjusted scheduling to reduce contact between patients and staff. If you start to notice any tooth pain, jaw soreness, or cracks in your teeth, then it may be time to visit an oral care clinic like Aria Dental. 


What is bruxism? 


Bruxism is a fairly common condition in which people clench or grind their teeth unknowingly. This can be a result of stress, anxiety, genetics, tobacco use, caffeine consumption, sleep apnea, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, or some psychiatric medications. Most people do this at night when they are sleeping. However, it can also happen during the day. This condition can cause increased wear on teeth and lead to painful damage such as teeth sensitivity, receding gum, teeth cracks, tooth loss; It also causes facial pain, ear pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and jaw pain. 


Why do I have bruxism?


It can be hard to pinpoint the origin of teeth grinding, especially since there are so many known triggers, but Aria Dental dentists can help you to prevent the damages caused by bruxism. Many dentists suspect that this past year has been particularly stressful for patients. Until you visit a biological and holistic dentist in Laguna Niguel such as Doctor Horiyat, try these natural techniques for consciously relaxing your muscles and preventing bruxism from becoming unbearable: 


  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Meditation 
  • Yoga
  • Long walks
  • Time spent in nature
  • Listening to soothing music 
  • Herbal tea
  • Positive mantras
  • Knitting, coloring, or other low-key activities 


How can my dentist help with bruxism?


If you are currently struggling with bruxism, then your dentist will likely recommend visiting Aria Dental to check your airway, occlusion (bite), and muscle strain. Then based on your diagnosis, Dr. Horiyat may recommend night guard, jaw joint and muscle strain treatment technique, occlusal correction, Botox, or any other natural and modern techniques.  These can immediately stop damage to your teeth and jaw. As long as there is no permanent damage to your teeth, you will be able to save your teeth from any further strain and protect your enamel with a custom dental guard. If there are any damages such as tooth crack, you could fix it at an early stage before it gets to the point tooth extraction is the only choice. 


Why is bruxism so damaging to teeth? 


Natural teeth are precious. Your enamel is responsible for protecting your teeth from decay and damage. Once enamel wears off, it cannot grow back. Bruxism threatens the strength of your enamel and thus makes you more susceptible to oral health problems. You can break teeth, fillings, and other restorations as well as develop gum diseases, and ultimately tooth loss. 


Why should I get a custom night guard? Optimum Retention!


You might think that off-the-shelf night guards are ok, but they could damage your gum line (gum recession), doesn’t fit your bite, affect your bite as well as your breathing properly. However, customed night guards eliminated many of these issues; it is tear-resistant, comfortable, and well fitted.  Particularly, people with harsher bruxism, breathing problem, gagging habit, or TMJ conditions require a custom dental guard. Customizations include fitting to your bite (so the guard doesn’t fall out while you’re sleeping), does not causes gagging, and setting the right thickness according to the severity of your condition. Custom night guards will ultimately meet a greater range of needs in a proper way and will last longer with greater protection


Don’t let the danger of bruxism affects your overall health and oral health. Scheduled a dental appointment at Aria Dental to see Orange County’s top biological and cosmetic dentist by calling (949) 364 – 9600 or visiting our website: AriaDentalCare.com


How to Avoid Complications with Dental Implants

December 27th, 2020

When patients receive dental implants in Orange County or Mission Viejo, they can see that the procedure is truly life-changing. It can improve a person’s day-to-day and restore their confidence by giving them their smile back. Losing teeth from injury or decay can have an astronomical effect on someone’s daily activities. Eating, talking, and laughing become a constant source of concern for a person with missing teeth. Even solutions like partial dentures or bridges may not provide enough functionality and comfort to completely resolve the issue. Aria Dental uses metal-free ceramic Zirconia implants offer a permanent solution with a high success rate and the most biocompatibility. Since we’re not using any metal, there won’t be any harm either to your mouth or body.


While complications are not typical with dental implants (over 98% are successful), it is important to consider the possibility when going in for a procedure. The best way to minimize these risks is to get dental implants in Mission Viejo or Orange County from a certified dentist with a wealth of experience such as Dr. Mariyam Horiyat. In addition, choose a dental office where they not only offer the highest quality of both Zirconia and Titanium implants from a USA- or Swiss-reputable manufactures, but also various options of oral sedation like what is being used and implemented in Aria Dental.  Patients can also increase their chances of dental implant success by following all the directions and recommendations given by their dental hygienist and following up with the necessary check-up appointments after. Here are some possible dental implant complications and how to avoid them when getting your procedure.  


Infection or Trouble Healing


As with any surgical procedure, the risk of infection decreases with aseptic precautions and methods. The human mouth is full of bacteria but an oral surgeon will sterilize the instruments and apply natural Ozone/Oxygen therapy to the mouth in order to avoid contamination. Patients can expect moderate to mild discomfort after surgery for one to four days. If there is extreme pain or discomfort lasts longer than expected, then this could be a sign of some complication. However, this is very uncommon in an office adhering to compliance. The only reason why someone might develop an infection otherwise is because of a previous health problem. You can prevent any serious infections from developing by simply keeping up communications with your dentist and informing them of your symptoms. 




In order for dental implants to be successful, they must be immobile long enough for osseointegration to take place. This process is responsible for stabilizing the implant and happens during the healing process. Dental implants in Orange County take around 16-17 weeks to completely heal. During this time, the bone undergoes mineralization and remodeling. There are some cases in which micromovements between the first 8-12 weeks of healing will compromise the stability of the implant. These movements make it difficult for the bone to grow around the implant, which leads to loose or even painful dental implants. In order to avoid this complication, dentists recommend a soft or liquid diet for patients who have just received their implants and will keep checking their progress as it heals. 


Poor Placement


Without proper planning, implants can be placed in the wrong part of the mouth, which makes it difficult to situate the new teeth. In order for this problem to be avoided, you should choose a dental office where they have in-house Cone Beam 3D CT-Scan. You also choose an oral surgeon who knows what kind of teeth are eventually going to be placed in the mouth. This will affect the angle that the implants need to be in. At many offices, the dentist will provide both the surgical and prosthetic implant procedures. However, when these phases are separate, it is important to have crystal clear communication. You can avoid this problem by asking questions at your implant consultation. A reputable dental clinic/office will have all the answers for you and be able to soothe any concerns.


Dental implant patients rarely face complications. However, when they do, they are often temporary and fixable by a reputable dental office. Once you have received a successful implant, it is important to keep up oral hygiene maintenance and care. Consult your dentist about dental implants and see if they are right for you. 


To schedule your dental implant appointment with a top dental implant center in Mission Viejo and the rest of Orange County which offers Metal-Free Zirconia Implants, call Aria Dental at (949) 364- 9600 or visit our website at www.AriaDentalCare.com

How to Treat Sensitive Teeth

December 18th, 2020

Many people experience tooth sensitivity (about forty million people in the United States alone) and don’t understand why. According to Mariyam Horiyat DDS, a dentist in Laguna Niguel and Mission Viejo, there are a variety of reasons why someone might experience sensitive teeth. Usually, this feeling is triggered by hot or cold foods, extremely acidic or sweet foods, and pressure from chewing, clenching or grinding (bruxism), brushing, or flossing. Sensitivity can range from a dull ache to a sharp sting of pain. Fortunately, this condition can be treated and made better by a certified dental hygienist. 


When you visit a dentist in Mission Viejo and/or Laguna Niguel for tooth sensitivity, your gum line and tooth enamel will be examined thoroughly. These two areas of your mouth are the primary causes of sensitive teeth. For example, when enamel starts to wear or gum lines recede, this exposes your dentin which is connected to the nerves inside your teeth. These nerves can be triggered more easily when they are not protected and, thus, you experience tooth sensitivity. With some investigation of your daily habits and routines, your dentist can determine what is causing your gum line recession or weakened enamel. Here are some of the most common culprits:


  • Over-brushing (brushing teeth too hard, too often, or with a hard-bristled brush)
  • Periodontal disease (gum line recession)
  • Gingivitis (gum line inflammation) 
  • Cracked teeth (from injury or cracked cavity filling)
  • Overly acidic mouthwash
  • Teeth whitening products
  • Acidic foods
  • Teeth grinding or clenching (Bruxism) 


The best thing to do when you experience sensitive teeth is to schedule an appointment with a dentist in Laguna Niguel and or Mission Viejo such as Mariyam Horiyat DDS. They can help you understand how and why your nerves are being triggered and what you can do to remedy the problem. If you have a problem with tooth decay, then you may require dental work such as crowns, inlays, and bonding. Another possible procedure is gum grafting, in which an oral surgeon can take healthy gum tissue and apply it to exposed roots in the mouth, or pinhole dental procedure. Root canals are another solution to tooth sensitivity when the pain is severe even though, many holistic and biological dentists are against root canal therapy and believe that root canal is harmful to human health.  However, most patients are able to make lifestyle choices in order to significantly minimize tooth sensitivity and prevent further dental problems in the future. Here are some of the best recommendations to help sensitive teeth: 


  • Use an extra-soft toothbrush
  • Brush with gentle, rotating movements
  • Wear a mouthguard (to prevent teeth grinding) 
  • Reduce the consumption of carbonated drinks, acidic foods, and wine
  • Drink more water when you do consume acidic foods and drinks
  • Use mouthwashes and toothpaste recommended by your dentist 
  • Reconsider your teeth whitening methods


Tooth sensitivity can range from patient to patient and may be affected by previous oral health problems. If you are experiencing sensitivity, then it is advisable to consult Dr. Horiyat who utilizes her knowledge of holistic, biological, physiological protocols and approaches to access your past oral health records and a general understanding of your lifestyle and overall health and wellness. Together, you can pinpoint the cause of your sensitivity and take actionable steps to eliminate the discomfort. Schedule your appointment with the top certified holistic and biological dentist, Dr. Maryam Horiyat by calling 949-364-9600 or visiting www.AriaDentalCare.com


COVID-19 Precautions for Patients Who Undergo Dental Implants

November 25th, 2020

In many ways, the year 2020 has changed the way we operate as a society. COVID-19 has reminded people to put their health first and practice safe interactions in public. This is especially true when it comes to oral health. According to oral care professionals, the mouth is known as the gateway to the body, which means that many health issues can be detected in this region. This is why regular dentist appointments are so critical to maintaining general health as well as dental health. Dental clinics in Orange County particularly Aria Dental have fortified their sterilization practices in order to accommodate the needs of the present and ensure that patients feel comfortable coming in for dental implants or any other dental procedure. 



Recently, the ADA or American Dental Association published a study that confirmed the safety of dentist offices during this time. According to their research, dentists were more than unlikely to contract the virus and thus be a source of any risk to patients. More than 99% of dentists nationwide were estimated to be COVID-19 negative in this study and changes to dental office procedures are sure to keep this number high. The American Dental Association thus concluded that dental offices can continue to operate with their improved safety measures with little to no risk to patients receiving dental implants or any other dental procedure in Mission Viejo. 


Dentist offices, like many medical clinics, are already a health-conscious environment where masks, gloves, and cleaning solutions are commonplace. During a worldwide pandemic, clinics have certainly enhanced their safety measures with face shields, social distancing, and greater sanitation; however, the principles remain the same. If you have an appointment for dental implants in Mission Viejo or Orange County, then here are some of the things you can expect at Aria Dental to prevent the spread of COVID-19: 



  • Health Screening - We run through a checklist of COVID-19 symptoms to ensure that individuals are not a risk to other patients or staff. Most dental clinics will take your temperature upon entrance. If you have one or more symptoms of the virus, then you may be asked to reschedule your appointment. 
  • Masks – Our staff will be required to wear a mask at all times. Patients must arrive wearing a mask and only remove them when instructed by an oral care professional. 
  • PPE - Along with wearing a mask, our staff will be armed with other personal protective equipment including face shields, coats, gloves, medical-grade masks, and aerosol controlling equipment to ensure the safety of everyone coming in and out of the office. 
  • Rubber Dams - As a holistic and biological dentist in Mission Viejo and Orange County, we always have utilized rubber dams to isolate parts of the mouth for a procedure. This reduces the amount of exposure a patient has to the air particles in the room. Aerosol-mitigation devices may also be utilized to minimize risk. This will not be necessary for every procedure or in every dental clinic. However, it is an available resource. 
  • Social Distancing - According to government regulations, dentist offices in Orange County will enforce a rule of six feet apart between patients. Smaller offices may only accept a few patients in the waiting room at a time, asking others to wait in their car until called for their appointment. 
  • Cleaning - In addition to standard protocols, our staff will increase sterilization methods for appointments as well as in waiting rooms and bathrooms. Pens, card-readers, touch-screen devices, and any other high-touch surfaces will be regularly disinfected. 


    • Complying with Program – Even though we have always practiced the toughest infection control beyond OSHA requirements, we have developed a Respiratory Protection Program and going to comply with the Cal/OSHA requirements under its Airborne Transmissible Diseases (ATD) standards. 


  • Reduced Traffic - Patient appointments will be staggered throughout the day to allow for proper social distancing and staff will be limited to only the necessary few. Adult patients are asked to arrive alone and minors can be accompanied by one adult. 
  • HEPA Air Purifier – We have implemented a HEPA air purifier in each room to reduce the dangers of aerosols, pathogens, and mercury vapor in our dental 
  • Isolite® Isolation System (Continuous Intra-Oral Suction * Insolation) – Aria Dental has implemented Isolite which will significantly reduce Aerosols and Droplet Spatter by strongly suctioning aerosols directly from patients’ mouths before it spreads out into air.



As always, our main concern is the safety and well-being of our patients and staff. We are thrilled to announce that all of the safety measures as mandated by the state and in accordance with best health practices from the American Dental Association (ADA) and U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) were already implemented in our practice and we will continue to strictly practice them. We like to put our patients at ease when it comes to infection control and limit virus spreading. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us at any time by calling us at (949) 364 – 9600 or visit our website at www.AriaDentalCare.com.


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