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How to Properly Clean Your Teeth with Braces

July 20th, 2020

Oral care professionals in Laguna Niguel clinics see patients with braces all the time. These dentists found that many of those patients do not know how to properly clean their teeth. Brackets, wires, and rubber bands can make eating tricky and brushing even trickier. Food and plaque can get stuck in between teeth and braces, leading to staining or cavities in the long term.


Your orthodontist or dentist in Laguna Niguel may be able to help you with a thorough cleaning. However, it is important to understand how to maintain good oral hygiene with braces even when you’re at home. 


Braces require extra care and attention. Most oral care professionals would recommend brushing your teeth after every meal to ensure that food is properly flushed out. However, this can be a little convenient for some people. So, if you are not able to brush your teeth, it is a good idea to rinse with water and carry around some disposable tools (floss, picks) that you can use to remove food particles between the wires. 


When you do finally get to brushing, dentists recommend taking a little extra time to thoroughly circle around the brackets. Also, be sure that you are not applying too much pressure to your mouth as this can damage the braces themselves and your gums. 


According to an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca, extra soft toothbrushes are the best for people with braces. You can work them at an angle to reach the areas between the wires and around the brackets. Another tool that you may want to use in tandem with a quality toothbrush is a water flosser. 


In terms of toothpaste, most oral care professionals recommend using a formula with fluoride in order to protect the enamel on your teeth. However, holistic and biological dentists do not recommend any products with fluoride. Biological dentistry approaches are toward not only metal-free dentistry but also fluoride-free dentistry. You should avoid whitening formulas as they can lead to inconsistent shades of color on the surface of your teeth once the brackets are removed.


Flossing is a critical step in your oral care routine and this becomes even more evident when you have braces. There are certain products on the market that are made to accommodate the difficulties of wires and brackets with their shape and size. Dental flossers help reach the back of the mouth at more challenging angles than you may be able to achieve with loose floss. Some people prefer floss threaders, which can also make it easier to slip underneath the wires and thoroughly clean between the teeth. 


Finally, people with braces will also want to invest in a quality mouthwash that will promote oral health while remaining alcohol-free and fluoride-free. You should avoid alcohol or metal-based solutions as these can cause dry mouth, bad breath, and cavities. 


When you have the right tools and products at your disposal, you will be able to maintain proper oral hygiene with braces in between your orthodontist and dentist appointments. For other dental treatments in Orange County, like clear aligners or Invisalign, porcelain veneers, or dental implants, you can schedule an appointment with oral care professionals and determine how you can achieve a healthy, beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. 

To straighten your teeth with a top cosmetic dentist, please call or text us at (949) 364-9600  or visit our website at www.AriaDentalCare.com 


Why Dental X-Rays Are Important

July 14th, 2020

Dental x-rays are a common part of checkups at clinics in Laguna Niguel; however, many people don’t really understand the importance of this procedure. During appointments with the dentist, some individuals will even opt-out of this examination because they find it uncomfortable or inconvenient. Unfortunately, these people could be losing out on critical, relevant information pertaining to their teeth and gums. 


X-rays can monitor the formation of teeth and detect signs of tooth decay or any other risks to oral health, which makes them valuable to patients of all ages. Your dentist in Laguna Niguel can review the reasons why x-rays are especially important for you, based on your oral health background. Here are some of the factors that might influence how often you should receive a dental x-ray examination: 


  • Your age
  • Any preexisting conditions that your dentist is monitoring
  • Your current health
  • Any concerning symptoms
  • Your oral health history 
  • Your family’s oral health history


While some people might have some reservations about x-ray safety, the risk of radiation exposure has been greatly diminished over years of technological advancements. According to an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca, dental clinics with advanced and modern technology use the newest digital x-ray machines, along with lead coverings to protect patients from any potential exposure. Oral care professionals in Mission Viejo and the rest of Orange County always have your safety in mind, whether you are coming in for a quick checkup or need advanced dental care like dental implants which require 3D Cone Beam CT-Scans. 


Adults require x-ray screenings to monitor any signs of decay under existing fillings or between teeth. These cannot be discerned with the naked eye, which is why x-ray machines are so instrumental in preventing oral health issues from getting worse. Here are some different types of x-rays that dentists can use to gain information about your oral health:


  • A Bitewing X-ray: Used to monitor molars, premolars, and canines 
  • An Occlusal X-ray: Used for a full view of teeth to monitor alignment and palate
  • A Panoramic X-ray: Used to assess jaw, teeth placement, and roots
  • A Periapical X-ray: Used to examine two teeth from crown to root
  • A Digital X-ray: Used to monitor changes over time, all images can be stored electronically
  • An Extraoral X-ray: Used to identify problems beyond teeth and gums (usually in the jaw)


For many people, x-rays can be a little uncomfortable. However, it helps to know what you can expect from the procedure and know that it will be over soon, providing you with valuable information for your oral health. Here is how the process usually goes:


Your oral care professional will cover you with a protective lead apron as a precaution from any radiation exposure. They will then proceed to insert a small, plastic apparatus between your teeth. You will be prompted to bite down on this and hold still while the x-ray picture is being taken. The process will repeat until your oral care professional has all the images they need to assess your mouth.


 If you have any anxiety about this process, you can speak to your oral care professional and see how they can make the x-ray procedure more comfortable for you. The important thing to remember is that this procedure is ultimately designed for the benefit of understanding your oral care needs. 


At Aria Dental, we offer digital X-rays and panoramic X-rays with minimum radiation in which deliver clinically meaningful images that are extremely clear, highly detailed, and most consistent images at lower doses. In addition, our digital X-rays enable us to detect cavities between teeth, determine bone levels, and analyze the health of the bone. We can also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions such as cysts and tumors, as well as assess any damage when trauma occurs.


We also offer PaX-i3D Green Cone Beam CT-Scan that provides 3-D imaging with higher quality, faster results, and lesser radiation exposure on your body. For more information, call us (949) 364 -9600.

Learn What White Spots on Your Teeth Mean

June 22nd, 2020

White spots can develop on a person’s teeth for a variety of reasons, which is why it is important to have regular checkups at a dentist in Laguna Niguel. In order to determine if white spots are a cosmetic problem or an indicator of poor oral health, it is helpful to have a well-established relationship with an oral care professional.



One common cause of white spots is a loss of mineral content in tooth enamel from acid. Whether someone consumes too many acidic foods or has a buildup of plaque from poor oral hygiene, this acid will destroy the enamel and cause teeth to develop white spots. Another reason that someone’s teeth might have white spots is from an interruption of development as a result of some kind of tooth trauma. 


For many people who receive dental implants in Orange County, excessive white spots are one of the first signs of decay before tooth damage becomes unmanageable. These splotchy bleach-colored marks are classified by oral care professionals as a white spot lesion. They are often a symptom of weakened enamel and can signal the development of a cavity. 


A Laguna Niguel dentist will tell you that white spots are very common for people with braces. This is why your orthodontist will stress the importance of keeping good oral hygiene habits, even with the barrier of metal brackets and wire. People with braces should continue to brush, floss, and use dental picks to remove bits of food between and around teeth. if you are a good candidate for Invisalign, top Orange County’s Invisalign dentists recommend metal-free clear Invisalign vs. metal braces since hygiene is easier and no white spots appear on your teeth during straightening of your teeth. 


Besides maintaining proper teeth cleaning routines, people can avoid developing white spots by keeping a balanced diet. Food and drinks that are high in sugar or acid should be minimized, along with carbohydrates. This will prevent too much damage to the enamel. 


While braces may increase the risk of developing white spots, they are not a direct cause of the condition. Poor oral hygiene and diet are the actual influencing factors. So, as long as you remain conscious of your oral care habits and go in for regular appointments, you will be able to manage plaque buildup and avoid tooth staining or decay. 


Your dentist and oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca can help you determine the best course of action if you start to notice white spot lesions on your teeth. White spots are typically a permanent structural change in the tooth and, thus, not easily eliminated. However, you can consult your oral care professional on ways to make these spots less noticeable if they pose an aesthetic problem. The ability to reduce these spots depends on their size, amount, root cause, and the current enamel strength of the teeth. From microabrasion, oxygen/ozone therapy to tooth capping such as porcelain crown to tooth filling to veneers, there are a variety of options available to restore teeth to their normal color and brightness. 


When you start to notice white spots on your teeth, schedule an appointment with your oral care professional to get a thorough examination. It is important to catch oral problems before they develop into something more serious and irreversible. Your dentist will help you determine the reason for your white spots and help you strategize to maintain control of your oral health. 

To consult with the best cosmetic and holistic dentist in Orange County, please call us (949)364-9600 or visit our website www.AriaDentalCare.com.


Why Baby Teeth Matter

June 12th, 2020

Baby teeth, otherwise known as deciduous teeth, primary teeth, or milk teeth, are one of the many growth factors that can influence a child’s social, emotional, and physical development. Many people have the misconception that baby teeth are not important because they will eventually fall out and be replaced by adult teeth. However, according to an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca, there are many reasons why baby teeth should be properly cared for, just like adult teeth. Here are some of the ways that baby teeth make a difference: 


Nutrition and Health

Like adults, children need their teeth to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. If primary teeth begin to decay, this can not only lead to nutritional deficiencies, but it can also cause infections and other health-related issues for the child. Baby teeth need to be properly cleaned and monitored in order to ensure that overall health is maintained. 


Alignment of Permanent Teeth

Baby teeth can actually affect the positioning of permanent teeth later in life. According to an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca, baby teeth operate as space savers that will gently guide the adult teeth into place. If a child loses their primary teeth too early, then their permanent teeth might shift over to the empty space, which can cause misalignment and crowding. 



Most people that eventually require dental implants in Orange County understand how tooth decay can spread in the mouth and affect nearly every aspect of oral health. This is why it is so important for baby teeth to remain healthy from their first growth to their time of falling out. Primary tooth decay can easily affect permanent tooth buds, which are situated right next to the baby teeth. Infections that spread to the permanent buds may cause long-term damage to the essential processes of development. 



If you speak to a dentist in Laguna Niguel about the effect of teeth on our speech, you will learn that baby teeth can actually influence a person’s ability to pronounce words. So, in order to foster clear, intelligible speech patterns in a child, it is important to maintain tooth health. 



Lastly, teeth have a huge impact on our self-esteem, which is not limited to adults. Children with oral health problems may display a lack of confidence, especially in social situations. When baby teeth are properly cared for, a child will have more of a reason to feel secure and at ease to express themselves. 

Now that we understand why and how baby teeth can make a difference in development, here are some of the best ways to promote oral health in your child: 


  • Regular checkups. According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, parents should establish a dentist for their child by their first birthday or within six months of them growing their first tooth. 
  • X-ray examinations. Some parents and children may be nervous about the x-ray at the dentist, however, it is a great tool to thoroughly examine the health and development of baby teeth. Those who opt-out of this normal procedure may lose out on crucial information about their child’s oral health. 
  • Make brushing fun! It can be difficult to establish a normal brushing routine for some children. However, it is imperative to ingrain this habit and expectation in your child early. There are many different tactics you can try to make brushing your child’s teeth more like a game. 


A lifetime of great oral health begins with a friendly, knowledgeable, and gentle pediatric and holistic dentist.  We can’t wait to meet our newest guests. Schedule you’re child’s next dental appointment here at Aria Dental of Mission Viejo by calling (949) 364-9600 or visit our website www.AriaDentalCare.com


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