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What Are Dental Implants Mission Viejo?

July 2nd, 2019

Depending on the severity of your smile, oral surgeon Mission Viejo CA might advise you to get dental implants.

Dental implants Mission Viejo are used to replace a missing tooth or severely damaged tooth and they are usually made out of titanium or metal-free zirconia ceramic and placed into the root of the tooth. Also, very much like a tooth root, the titanium or Zirconia Implants is placed into the jawbone underneath your gums. When they are in the correct position, the oral surgeon Mission Viejo can mount a dental crown onto it.

woman with Dental implants at mission

How Do Dental Implants Mission Viejo Work?

Due to the fact that implants are joined to the jawbone, they offer secure support for artificial teeth. Furthermore, if you have dentures or bridges, when they are mounted to implants you don’t run the risk of them slipping or shifting in your mouth. This is particularly important when you are eating and speaking, since having your dentures or bridges popping off could be very embarrassing.

The stable fit helps individual crowns, dentures, and bridges that are positioned over implants to feel more comfortable and natural compared to traditional bridges or dentures. There are some people who suffer from sore spots, poor ridges or gagging when they wear ordinary bridges or dentures. Furthermore, normal bridges have to be affixed to teeth on both sides of the space that is remaining from the missing teeth. A great benefit that implants offer is that adjoining teeth don’t have to be prepared or grounded down to cling to the new replacement tooth or teeth in position.

In order to undergo implants, you have to have healthy gums and good bones to support the implant. If you do not have enough bone, bone graft might be suggested. Apart from this, you must also make an effort to keep these body parts healthy. It is important to practice consistent oral hygiene and regularly visit your dentist to prolong your dental implants.

How Safe Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants Mission Viejo have no doubt that implants are a safe and secure treatment. They have even gone so far to say that just like natural teeth if you take care of your implants well, you should have them for a very long time.

If you neglect your implants, they will start to form a coating that looks like what happens to natural teeth when overlooking them. When this goes untreated, it can result in gum infection, bleeding, soreness and overall discomfort. The same results could happen with natural teeth if you don’t take care of them either.

When the implants are properly looked after, and the bone the implants are affixed to is strong and healthy, implants can last for many years. Nevertheless, similar to all other surgical implants such as a hip replacement there are no lifetime guarantees.

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Even though you have some of your own teeth, you can still opt for dental implants. Dental implants Orange County are suitable for individuals who want to replace a single tooth to electing for a complete set of new teeth. Most of the time, dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth, but this all depends on the condition of the bone in your jaw. That is why it is important for your dentist to perform some specific tests to establish how much bone is available. If the tests conclude that there isn’t enough, or the jawbone isn’t healthy enough, it probably won’t be possible to put implants in without grafting bone within the area prior to placing the dental implants.

The most frequently asked question that is asked is whether or not dental implants hurt. You will be happy to hear that an implant is easier to place inside the mouth than extracting a tooth. Also, you will be pleased to know that implants are usually conducted with a local anesthetic. However, if you like to be more comfortable and relax during procedure, you can discuss with your dentist and choose a one of the possible sedation types that is suitable for you. Although you won’t feel any pain while the procedure is being performed, just like when a tooth is extracted, you may experience some discomfort for a week after the surgery

How Long Does It Take To Put In Dental Implants?

Before you begin treatment, your dentist will let you know what to expect. Conveniently, some provisional permanent restoration can be fitted in at the same time as the implants. These are referred to as ‘immediate implants. On the other hand, false teeth are usually fitted 3 to 4 months after the implants are placed. There are cases when treatment sometimes takes longer, and your dentist will advise you about your treatment duration.

What Is Dental Implant Aftercare?

Your dentist will provide details on how to look after and care for your implant. Furthermore, your dentist might prescribe some painkillers after surgery to take over the next few days if you feel they are necessary.

Once your implants have been placed, the bone that is in your jaw has to grow onto them in order for them to fuse together. This usually occurs within a few months. There are times when the implants are sufficiently secure when they are positioned for the false teeth that they can be fitted sooner than the usual time.

If you are having several teeth replaced, your dentist will provide you with a temporary denture while you wait for your permanent restoration. If you already have a set of dentures, you can continue to wear them while your implants heal. Most likely your dentures require adjusting, to fit correctly after the implant surgery and a ‘healing cap’ might be placed onto the implant area to protect it.

Don’t leave your mouth with lots of unnecessary gaps and spaces that offer you very little self-esteem and prevents you from chewing your food properly. If you need more advice about dental implants, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation that could change your smile for the better.

To learn more about dental implants or Aria Dental, please call us today and schedule an appointment at our Mission Viejo, California office.

Orthodontist Mission Viejo Talks About Early Treatment For Children

June 20th, 2019

It is common practice that most children who require braces get treatment when they are about the ages of 10 to 14. However, orthodontist Mission Viejo has come across situations where a child may require treatment before these ages, which is referred as early orthodontic treatment.

child treatment at orthodontist

If a child needs treatment at an age that is younger than usual, it is usually preventative. A good orthodontist can catch some issues and solve some problems faster and more straightforward when the patient is younger. Although wearing a retainer as a child isn’t going to replace the need for braces in the future, it can make the braces treatment quicker and more effective. Also, preventative treatment makes sure that a bigger issue doesn’t happen down the line. When simple preventative measures are taken, they can stop tooth loss and overcrowding.

What Possible Conditions Can An Orthodontist Mission Viejo Minimize or Possibly Prevent?

Your orthodontist CAN evaluate your child’s teeth, bite, and jaw and can diagnose your child if he/she is in need of an early orthodontic treatment to reduce the severity of the following conditions:


When the diagnosis is late and treatment is delayed, a crossbite can bring about any major issues. This is because the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) links your jawbone to your skull and a crossbite can escalate the likelihood of TMJ disorders. For instance, this disorder is responsible for the cause of jaw pain or tenderness, trouble chewing, aches in the face and ear or the jawbone locks up. Furthermore, a crossbite could possibly be responsible for the wearing away of teeth. Orthodontist Mission Viejo can improve or repair a crossbite with early orthodontic treatment to prevent future issues. The main cause of a crossbite is usually a
narrow upper jaw. This narrowness is what might cause developing teeth to get crowded, so the jaw is widened with a device that can solve the bite issue and make space for developing teeth.

Protruding Upper Teeth

When the teeth on the top protrude past the bottom teeth, there are some risks involved. First of all, protruding teeth have a higher possibility of being chipped or knocked out, especially with children who are accident prone. Unfortunately, kids can be cruel and some children are teased by other children which could result in a lack of self-esteem and other psychological problems. This is why children with protruding upper teeth can take advantage of reducing the protrusion earlier than usual.

Unattractive Teeth

In today’s society looks matter and they come first. Appearance really matters to children, adolescents, and adults. There have been cases where children are so disgusted with their teeth that they actually ask, or even beg their parents for braces at a young age just to enhance their looks. More often than not, the child’s self-esteem improves when their teeth have straightened out.

Impacted Teeth

There might not be any pain directly coming from the impacted tooth, but it can cause pressure or rubbing on the surrounding teeth, which can cause tooth loss. Additionally, an impacted tooth is the reason for gum problems or infection and may come out in a very abnormal position.

Most of the time, patients don’t even know they have an impacted tooth until they have an x-ray at the dentist or orthodontist done. There are some instances where patients have an issue with baby teeth not falling out, an adult tooth has not erupted or only half erupted, these issues are due to impacted teeth. In some cases, with early intervention for instance, extracting the baby tooth or increasing a narrow jaw, impact teeth may be influenced into a normal position. There are times when impacted teeth have to be uncovered by a gum specialist and braces can bring the impacted tooth into place without any risk of damaging the neighboring teeth.

Psychological Issues

Nowadays, it’s very common for children as well as adults to suffer from body image concerns. There are individuals who have unrealistic expectations of looking similar to someone famous or an influencer they follow on social media. At first glance, this may look like harmless vanity, but it can be a negative outlook on how young people judge their appearance. Their bad self-esteem can be irreversible and be the catalyst to mental health problems that go on into adulthood. Bullying comments about a child's less than perfect teeth can be destructive. These comments can bring about depression and anxiety in children. A majority of parents are taking their children to orthodontics to correct their child’s cosmetic teeth issues because they are worried that their classmates will tease them.

When Should A Child See An Orthodontist?

Dentist Mission Viejo CA claims that if you think your child requires orthodontic treatment, it’s a good idea to visit an orthodontist when they are about the ages of seven and nine. Despite the fact the child might just have just received their molars, an orthodontist can inspect the growth of the jaw and palate as well as the loss of baby teeth. Some problems are very noticeable at this age while other children require to wait until most of their teeth have settled in before it’s confirmed whether or not they require braces.

Roughly half of children who visit their orthodontist at an early age, require early orthodontic treatment. It doesn’t necessarily mean the treatment will start immediately but provides the parents with more information about the options that are available. On top of that, there are some parents that like to visit the orthodontist annually to check on their children’s adult teeth eruptions until it’s time for them to have early intervention or braces.

Early Treatment Vs Later In Life

Anytime is a good time to have orthodontic treatment. Presently, more adults than ever are visiting orthodontists for braces. However, there are pros and cons when receiving treatment early or later in life.

Advantages of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Treating children is easier because the palate and the jaw are still growing. Therefore, if the issue is overcrowding, an orthodontist can use an expander plate to increase the jaw size or smile to make enough space for the teeth. Also, having treatment as a child or teen is when most of their classmates are, so they feel equal. After high school teenagers might be set against treatment because they are too stubborn or certain events like Prom are coming up.

Receiving Orthodontic Treatment As An Adult

There are cases when adults are seeking treatment later in life because their teeth moved after treatment because back then there wasn’t an option for a permanent retainer, or they didn’t use their retainer long enough. Perhaps, their parents could not afford to provide them with orthodontic treatment when they were younger. Now that they are adults, they can afford their own treatment. Orthodontic treatment has improved a lot and there are many orthodontic treatment options available compared to the standard metal braces. For instance, Invisalign, lingual (inside) braces or ceramic braces which are often more alluring to an adult.

No matter your child’s age bring them in for an appointment, for a professional opinion and we will advise you the best time that you should consider having him or her start orthodontic treatment. Likewise, if you are an adult seeking orthodontic treatment, bring yourself in and we can talk about appropriate options to correct your smile.

To learn whether you or your child need orthodontic treatment, and to discuss about orthodontic options that is right for your situation, please call (949) 364 – 9600 or visit our website (www. AriaDentalCare.com) today to schedule a consultation appointment.

Why Cosmetic Dentist Mission Viejo Recommend Invisalign Treatment?

May 23rd, 2019

Have you always been self-conscious of your smile? Have you always been on the fence about braces? Do traditional braces scare you? Do you want a hassle-free alternative to braces? Do you want to save time and achieve a better, straighter smile? Do you want holistic and metal-free orthodontics?  The cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo fully understand your concerns! The dentist Mission Viejo CA uses computerized, seamless and state of the art technology to provide the most effective orthodontic solutions. The cosmetic dentists Mission Viejo are gold providers of Invisalign procedures, which may be the answer to all your dental prayers! If you have been grappling with the idea of Invisalign, find out below if it is right for you!

alternative braces

What is Invisalign? Are You the Right Fit?

Invisalign is a fully custom-made aligner which is used as part of orthodontic treatments to align and straighten teeth. The Invisalign aligner is clear and computer generated from a customized mold of the patient’s teeth. Cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo will take an digital impression of your teeth without using gooey impression materials and create an aligner that is unique to you and will guarantee you the best results! Cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo recommend Invisalign for advanced teeth straightening and bite alignment. For example, Invisalign is ideal for gaps between teeth, under and over bites, and in some cases, even cross bites. Every two weeks, the dentist Mission Viejo CA will fully digital itero scan you to make sure you are tracing correctly mold and customize Invisalign trays to the shape of your teeth, which will work by gradually aligning and straightening your teeth over time. Unlike some other brands of clear aligners that only make your front tooth look straight, Invisalign will straighten only your front and back teeth, but also could fix your bite.

Why is Invisalign Good for the Patients?

With advances in dental practices and technology, Invisalign has quickly gained popularity as the go-to option to guarantee a better and brighter smile! There are a lot of benefits for patients when they choose Invisalign as their orthodontic treatment. Why is Invisalign so great you ask? Cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo have all the answers!

❏     Discreet! With Invisalign, there is no need to be self-conscious about braces. They are practically invisible to the naked eye, even when looking in the mirror! The clear design of the aligners attracts minimal attention to the teeth and are more practical for formal settings and important events. With Invisalign, you can go normal life without any hiccups or embarrassment. Get your brighter smile fuss-free!

❏     Easily removable! Unlike conventional braces, Invisalign can be easily removed. If you have an important event coming up such as a wedding, a graduation or a prom, you can remove your Invisalign and then fit them right back in!

❏     Wire-free! Invisalign is a clear plastic aligner and does not contain any wires that are usually associated with traditional braces.

❏     Minimal upkeep! Invisalign aligners require minimum maintenance. If Invisalign aligners ever get stained, they can be easily cleaned at home with a toothbrush and some bleach and water, and you will get a new one almost every two weeks

❏     No eating restrictions! As Invisalign are easily removable, they can be cleaned once they are removed from the mouth without the assistance of the orthodontist. This means that they are no eating or drinking restrictions on the patient.

❏     If you play sport, you won’t get injury or cut that you could get from metal braces; if you sing music, you could remove them during to signing and will not affect your voice.

❏     Fast-acting! Invisalign are worn from 6-18 months depending on the condition of the teeth.

Why is Invisalign Good for Dentists Mission Viejo?

Along with patients, Invisalign can also prove to be the more efficient option for dentists. Dentist Mission Viejo CA outlines why Invisalign works as an effective orthodontic treatment for them.

❏     Fully Customizable! Invisalign aligners are customized to each individual patient’s teeth orientation. As part of the Invisalign treatment, the Cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo first take a 3D impression of the teeth, and map out a treatment plan for the patient. This plan is then put into action as the aligner is developed. Since the aligner is designed to move each and every tooth into the right sequence, it ensures better results for the patient and cosmetic dentists. The dentist uses ClinCheck, which is 3D animated treatment plan endorsed by Invisalign itself. ClinCheck allows dentist Mission Viejo CA to see the patient’s teeth in 360 degrees, as well as predict how the alignment of the teeth will change over time. The cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo use this software in order to fully custom design the aligner tray and guarantee a beautiful smile sooner than you think!

❏     Shorter dental appointments! Due to advances in Invisalign development technology, dental appointments are less time-consuming. This means that the cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo can attend to more patients and help them with their dental needs everyday! Furthermore, with Invisalign, dentist appointments are less daunting and can prove to be more enjoyable. This ensures that patients are happy, are excited to come back and are willing to recommend a cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo to their friends, family and neighbors!

What to look out for?

❏     Feeling Soft Pressure but no Pain or Irritation. Invisalign does not cause pain or soreness; instead, the patient may feel some pressure, which is less than the pressure from braces. As Invisalign is also changing the orientation of teeth, there will be pressure - that means they are working!

❏     Great and Inexpensive Investment. Since Invisalign aligners are fully customizable, faster-acting and more technologically advanced than traditional braces, they can be an investment. Nothing should be expensive if you gain oral and overall health.

❏      It is all about consistency! Invisalign have to be worn for about 22-24 hours a day. Since they are removable, it is imperative that they are put back in at the right time and cared for the right way. This is the only way to ensure that you get the perfect smile that you deserve.

❏     No food restriction as Invisalign is removable. Although Invisalign gives patient the freedom to eat or drink what they want; they need to be removed and cleaned after every meal to give you ease in hygiene and improve oral health.

Stop by the cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo of Aria Dental to find out if Invisalign is the right fit for you. Take your dental health in your own hand and let dentist Mission Viejo CA help you achieve the best results! Aria Dental believes that a visit to the dentist should be pleasant, enjoyable and most of all, worth the patient’s time, money and effort! Come into Aria Dental and get to know our cosmetic dentist Mission Viejo. Enjoy both personal and welcoming treatment from our talented dentists. Start your journey to a brighter, bigger smile today!

Please call (949) 364 -9600 today for an appointment with a dentist at Aria Dental in Mission Viejo or visit us on our website: www.AriaDentalCare.com

Why Orthodontists Mission Viejo Like Aria Dental Is The Right Fit for You

May 16th, 2019

At Aria Dental, orthodontists Mission Viejo are transforming smiles through an advanced, modern and state-of-the art approach to orthodontics! Orthodontists Mission Viejo take oral health very seriously and you should too! Consistent dental check ups are an integral part of maintaining both your oral and physical health. No matter how busy you are, or how stressful it may seem, orthodontists Mission Viejo recommend regular dental check ups, and believe that they are as important as medical check-ups and should not be taken lightly. Dentists Mission Viejo work to ensure that these dental check-ups are as smooth and comfortable for you as possible. The dedicated orthodontists Mission Viejo at Aria Dental believe that everyone deserves a perfect smile. Schedule your first dental check-up today and don’t miss out on yours!

best Orthodontists Mission Viejo

Choosing Orthodontists Mission Viejo for All Your Dental Needs

Orthodontists Mission Viejo are unique in their approach to dental practices - they believe that a dental check-up can be both relaxing and pleasurable in the right environment, with the right people and the right methods! Dental visits do not have to be dreaded or create feelings of fear when you are in the hands of Dentists Mission Viejo.  Orthodontists Mission Viejo are committed to providing exceptional dental care to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Why are orthodontists Mission Viejo the best at what they do?

Technologically Advanced Dental Techniques

-          Advanced technological methods including Dental and Facial Analysis Technology, ClinCheck 3D impressions software, Intra-oral camera, digital X-rays etc.

-          Heated, massaging dental chairs, heated blankets and chilled purified mountain air in the treatment rooms

-          Fully sanitized equipment that is free from bacteria. Orthodontists Mission Viejo have worked tirelessly to achieve an advanced sterilization system that surpasses the OSHA standards and has the highest standard of cleanliness!

Calming Architecture

-          Dark wood furniture and accents in a modern, airy space that help patients feel grounded and secure

-          Oversized windows and calming light walls promote natural light and tranquility, making Aria Dental a patient’s oasis

-          Flower fragrance wafting through the open space, soothing background music and massage chairs

-          Straight linear lines and simple architecture and construction that promotes relaxation

Emphasis on Relaxation

-          In-house concierge service offering an assortment of beverages including coffee and fresh juices

-          Ceiling flat-screen TVs and wireless headphones for patients to relax and browse through a vast selection of movies during their dental treatment

Apprehensive about your dental visit? 

Fear of dental visits is a very real problem! Approximately, 80 million Americans suffer from dental fear and find it difficult to schedule and follow through with a visit. Some of the most common reasons for dental fear are:

-          Fear of pain and discomfort

-          Embarrassment/feeling conscious about dental imagining

-          Previous negative experiences

-          Putting control in the hands of the Orthodontists

Orthodontists Mission Viejo work to make your dental visit pleasant, welcoming and informative! They believe that everyone deserves their perfect smile and they are here to work towards making that possible.

Conquer Your Fears

While dental fear may seem overwhelming, there are ways to overcome the fear of dental visits. You can take these steps to alleviate any fear you may be experiencing ahead of your visit:

-          Get a family member or friend to accompany you to Aria Dental - having someone you trust closeby will ease your anxiety and make you more comfortable

-          Distractions, distractions, distractions! Keep your mind occupied ahead of your visit -- bring along a book, magazine, music to listen too in order to keep busy and keep anxious thoughts at bay.

-          Practice open and honest communication with the orthodontists. Orthodontists Mission Viejo value providing you with the best and most effective care and appreciate honesty so they can do the best possible job. They are also committed to fostering a safe environment for the patient, free of judgement!

What to Expect During the First Visit with Orthodontists Mission Viejo

On your first visit, orthodontists Mission Viejo will get a run down for your oral history - in terms of health, previous issues and concerns. The dental hygienist will take an X-ray of your mouth in order to make any occurring problems more visible to the dentist. This X-ray will serve as a reference point for future visits, and deviations from the X-ray will help reveal which future problems are coming up. After the X-ray, the dental hygienist will perform a thorough teeth cleaning. Orthodontists Mission Viejo have state of the art and modern facilities that will make the teeth cleaning a quick and easy process. Teeth cleaning is important to avoid gum disease, clean up plaque build-ups, and prevent decay that weakens teeth over time. Once the cleaning is performed, the dentist Mission Viejo Ca will examine your teeth and mouth. They will discuss the X-ray findings, and draft up a treatment plan. The dentist will then walk you through the treatment plan to ensure that you are comfortable with all the procedures and treatments will be employed.

Why Regular Dental Visits are Important

Prevent major dental problems by scheduling regular visits. Unfortunately, most people wait to visit the dentist until they have a painful toothache, chip a tooth or experience significant tooth discoloration. While the Family & Cosmetic dentist take care of the emergency at hand, unfortunately, the damage has already been done. Furthermore, gum disease, cavities and in more serious cases, oral cancers can develop without any noticeable symptoms, so it is imperative to schedule regular dental visits, at least twice a year if not more! If you schedule your dental visit with Family & Cosmetic Dentist Mission Viejo, they will ensure that your teeth remain healthy and all of the above problems are prevented!  Schedule regular visits to them to avoid major problems. Not only is this less invasive, it is less painful and much more cost effective! Schedule your visit with Dentists Mission Viejo today!

It’s always better to practice preventative dental care to ensure that your teeth remain happy and healthy! Dentists Mission Viejo are always here to help you get your perfect smile!

Please call (949) 364 -9600 today for an appointment with a dentist at Aria Dental in Mission Viejo or visit us on our website: www.AriaDentalCare.com

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