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Here’s How COVID-19 is Affecting Your Local Dentist Offices

April 21st, 2020

In the time of COVID-19, dentist Laguna Niguel offices are keeping their doors open for emergency operations only in order to limit the risk of infection among our community as well as patients, staffs, and doctors. It is important for communities to stay inside as best they can and reschedule their dental implants Orange County appointments for a later time.  


Here is how the dentist Laguna Niguel offices are handling the COVID-19 outbreak in order to ensure patient safety and wellbeing.


Office Hours Are Adjusted


The American Dental Association issued a statement on April 1st, 2020 to encourage dentist offices to reschedule non-essential appointments from now until April 30th in order to decrease the risk of COVID-19 infection.   


According to the oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca, many offices are continuing to keep their doors open for urgent and emergency care in order to support the community in this time of uncertainty. 


Dentist Laguna Niguel offices will be practicing the utmost caution in their decision to remain open for emergency patients. So, community members can be rest assured that they will enter a clean, carefully controlled environment if the circumstance arises.


Offices will be maintained according to infection control procedures recommended by the CDC. These methods include thoroughly cleaned dental tools, dental light, countertops, and handles, as well as the dental chair itself. Some dentist offices may even utilize protective covers to shield equipment from potential contamination. Doctors will replace all disposable gloves, masks, bibs, and covers after each patient. 


Non-disposable dental tools will be cleaned with sterilizing solutions and disposable tools will be thrown out after one use. The CDC also recommends that doctors protect themselves by using masks, gloves, long gowns, and safety eye goggles to cover themselves. Doctors and staff will be required to frequently wash hands and surfaces before a new patient comes in. 


What counts as an urgent dentist appointment?


If you are unsure what constitutes urgent or emergency dental care, then here are two lists to distinguish between appointments that can be rescheduled and appointments that must be handled in-person in the office. For any further clarification, you can contact the office and ask a staff member if you are qualified to make an appointment at the present. covid office hours



Non-urgent appointments - These you can reschedule for later. 


  • Routine cleaning and x-ray appointments
  • Routine orthodontist check-ups
  • Non-painful teeth removal
  • Non-painful cavities
  • Teeth whitening 


Urgent appointments - These you will need to have taken care of by a dentist in person. 


  • Excessive bleeding
  • Painful inflammation
  • Excessive pain in jaw bone or teeth 
  • Painful gum infections
  • Post-surgery treatment 
  • A broken tooth 
  • Cancer-related adjustments for treatment
  • Painful orthodontics problems
  • Necessary biopsy of abnormal tissue


if you have any dental emergency, please call or text us today at (949) 364-9600 or send us a message on our website to schedule your appointment with our dedicated and professional holistic dentist who also provide telemed dentistry in Orange County.

How to Maintain Oral Health Amid COVID-19

April 10th, 2020


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, many people have not been feeling their best. With the onslaught of stress and fear, along with the risk of exposure to the virus, lots of people are battling sickness to varying degrees. Oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca says that in this serious time, it is important to keep up healthy routines as much as we can. This includes taking care of our mouths. 


Mouth health can have a huge impact on how we feel. Even something as simple as brushing one’s teeth when feeling under the weather can help shift the mind’s perspective and, thus, lead a path toward recovery.   


With infection rates rising, it is important for people to stay at home unless in the case of a dental emergency. However, just because you can’t visit a dentist in Laguna Niguel, doesn’t mean you can’t maintain your oral health.


So, while you may have to reschedule your dental appointment at dental implants Orange County clinics like Aria Dental, you should follow these simple tips by the oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca.   


Maintain Good Hygiene, Even When Sick


If you have to cough or sneeze, make sure to cover your mouth to protect others from your germs. It is important that everyone is looking out for each other so that infection rates do not continue to rise. Also, continue to brush and floss thoroughly to maintain your dental health, especially while dental offices are closed to regular appointments. 


Flu viruses can live on wet surfaces for up to 72 hours which means that you should definitely not share your toothbrush with anyone. It is not likely that you will reinfect yourself by keeping the same toothbrush but, if you want to play it safe, you can replace it after you have recovered from your sickness. Toothbrushes should be replaced after 3-4 months whether you are sick or not. 


Cough Drops Should Be Sugar-Free


As many people know, too much sugar can lead to cavities. So, if you are sick, look for cough drops that are labeled sugar-free. You can always check the ingredients yourself and, if you see corn syrup or fructose mentioned, put the bag back on the shelf. Since lozenges are in your mouth for a long period of time, it is important that you do not allow sugary drops to activate bacteria and acid reactions. 


Rinse With Water After Throwing Up


In the case of a stomach flu or other vomit-inducing illness, you should avoid brushing your teeth right after throwing up. Stomach acids are bad for teeth, which is why it is important to rinse and allow that acid to wash away before getting in there with your brush. 


For an even better rinse, add a teaspoon of baking soda to your cup of water or a little bit of mouthwash. Wait about 30 minutes to finish your cleanse with a toothbrush. 


Drink Lots of Water


Staying hydrated is one of the best things you can do when you’re sick to help fight off infections. However, the oral surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca says this habit is also beneficial in preventing dry mouth and, thus, preventing cavities. Medicine like decongestants, pain relievers, or antihistamines can advance dry mouth, which is why it is so important to keep drinking water and sucking on sugarless lozenges. 


To find more information about Telemed Dentist in Orange County or if you have a dental emergency, please call or text us today at (949) 364-9600 or send us a message on our website to schedule your appointment with our dedicated and professional holistic dentist. 


Discuss Teeth Replacement Options From the Oral Surgeon in Mission Viejo Ca

February 3rd, 2020

Successful teeth replacement procedure with the oral surgeon in Mission Viejo CA

If you are looking in your mirror and notice a few gaps in your mouth here and there, you are not alone. Unfortunately, the oral surgeon in Mission Viejo CA has seen many cases in which patients have complaints about their semi toothless grins.

Research has shown that about 178 million Americans are missing one or more teeth. Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claim that by the age of 50, the average American will have succumbed to twelve lost teeth. That is practically half a person’s smile gone!

If you feel you make up part of this statistic, you should keep reading on about options from Dr. Maryam Horiyat, who is an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo CA, and her team of Board-Certified Periodontists.

How To Replace Missing Teeth

Missing a tooth is a big deal since you know that there is no way that it is going to magically regenerate like a lizard with a missing tail. Also, you may feel you are slowly morphing into one of those comical characters in popular culture which you see an elderly person stumbling around looking for their dentures, only to find the dog wearing them.

You can stay rest assured that modern dental implants in Orange County works a lot differently and more efficiently. Obviously, this old-school teeth replacement option is still around, but the dentist in Laguna Niguel can provide you with other various options.

Here are different ways to replace missing teeth, but these are the most popular options:

Dentures: These old fashioned “falsies” rest on a person’s gums and usually come flying out of a person’s mouth at the worst possible moment. The oral surgeon in Mission Viejo CA uses prosthetic devices that are customized to resemble real teeth.

Traditional dentures are removable, which may be the root cause of their notorious reputation for escaping from a person’s mouth. However, there are other dentures such as Implant-Supported Dentures or All-on-4® that can be clasped or bonded onto teeth and implants.

Dental Bridge: This consists of an artificial tooth that stays in place by the remaining teeth on either side of the missing tooth. It is usually made from porcelain, and dental bridges are designed to mix in with your natural smile, although, the surrounding teeth have to be prepared to act as anchor teeth. Nevertheless, this irreversible procedure can be disposed of with a single tooth implant.

Dental Implants: This is thought to be one of the best solutions for missing teeth. Your dentist will fuse your jawbone to create a new root for the replacement denture, crown or bridge. Patients and dentists love dental implants since they look, feel, and work similarly to real teeth, and they exhibit more than a 95% success rate. Our dental surgeons at Aria Dental can offer Titanium implants and Zirconium (Metal-free implants). All of the implants Aria Dental provides are placed with American-Board Certified Periodontist, not just a general dentist.

What Happens When You Do Nothing About Missing Teeth?

In some cases, people who have missing teeth choose not to do anything about them especially when the gap is at the back of the mouth, or you can’t notice the gap when they smile. Still, when you don’t replace a missing tooth, you leave yourself exposed to many issues:

Mouth And Teeth Become More Difficult To Clean

When a tooth leaves your mouth, the leftover bone melts away. The surrounding teeth then move to fill the space. Because of this awkward spacing, it becomes harder to clean the area thoroughly. Sooner or later, it can result in tooth decay, gingivitis, bone loss, and other dental problems.

You’ll Look Older Than You Actually Are

Apart from having an unattractive smile, the skin around your mouth can begin to sag if you are missing too many teeth. This usually makes you look a lot older and more exhausted than you actually are.

You Might Find It Challenging To Enjoy Your Food

A good majority of people who have lost teeth find chewing their food very difficult, especially crunchy, sticky, and fibrous foods. Speech is usually affected too.

You May Encounter Emotional And Psychological Issues

Various studies have associated a wonderful smile to personal and professional success. On the contrary, missing teeth can have negative effects on a person’s self-esteem and quality of life.

Shifting Of Neighboring And Opposing Teeth

Once you have missing teeth, the changes to your smile are very hard to miss. The issue can become embarrassing, but missing teeth cause more issues than just the dwindled appearance of the smile area.

When you lose teeth, the jawbone will begin to recede as well. This jawbone bankruptcy causes the other remaining teeth in the moth to shift around. Additionally, when the jawbone recedes, the face alters its shape.

Normally, people who don’t have teeth usually start to wrinkle around the mouth and their cheeks begin to cave in. Dental implants can maintain your jawbone and help you preserve a more youthful appearance.

If you do not replace your missing teeth, you run the risk of the neighboring and opposing teeth to shift around. As a result, you can have a change to your bite and eventually Temporamandibular Joint (TMJ) Dysfunction that could lead to jaw pain, headaches, neck pain, and facial pain.

Without a doubt, ignoring the situation and doing nothing is the worst thing you can do when you have missing teeth. Especially when there are loads of affordable and effective options such as dentures, bridges, and dental implants. Nowadays, getting back a full, beautiful smile is easier than ever before.

What are you waiting for? Get the smile that you are dreaming of today! It understandable that losing your teeth is a devastating experience, but you don’t have to hide your smile in the dark forever.

Aria Dental provides an extensive range of exceptional dental services that are performed by a team of board-certified dentists.

To find more information about holistic dental implants, give Aria Dental a call or text today at (949) 364-9600 or send us a message on our website to schedule your appointment with our dedicated and professional holistic dentist.

Dentists in Laguna Niguel Practices Metal-Free Dentistry

January 6th, 2020

curly brown hair woman smiling

Back in the day, many dental care services such as fillings depended on the use of metals that were shaped and set into place to preserve the tooth’s structure. However, modern-day dentists such as the dentist in Laguna Niguel are using alternatives for their patients. Normally, patients are offered a composite resin for the restoration process. Find out below a few reasons to choose a clinic like Aria Dental for metal-free dentistry.

What Are The Advantages of Metal-Free Dentistry? 

Normally, dentists have to prepare the tooth before they place a metal, or amalgam filling. This is done by drilling and filing the tooth down into the appropriate shape. Unfortunately, a pediatric dentist in Mission Viejo knows all too well that dentistry with younger patients can be a slightly painful and uncomfortable experience. However, composite resin does not need as much drilling into the tooth, reducing the amount of sensitivity the patient may feel. 

Improved Safety

Based on findings from the FDA, most amalgam fillings consist of elemental mercury that can release toxic vapors into the body. Although there is no direct evidence to show that mercury exposure is harmful, the FDA does recognize that traces of the element can gather in natural tissues, such as the brain and kidney. If you are worried about your body’s exposure to mercury, opt for metal-free fillings or dental implants in Orange County made from safe, non-toxic materials .

Less Probable Damage To Teeth

Because a lot of drilling is required for metal fillings it may lead to the loss of healthy material, jeopardizing the tooth’s structural integrity. Furthermore, since amalgam is a substance that is harder than enamel, it can place excess pressure on the tooth, causing it to break. Although composite resin is durable, it is soft. As a result, professional metal-free dentistry can help patients preserve more of their natural teeth and lessen the risk of future damage. 

More Aesthetically Pleasing 

People with amalgam fillings can’t hide the metal in their mouths. Some people feel insecure about their teeth because these fillings are visible when they laugh or talk. Metal-free dentistry uses materials such as porcelain and composite resins to guarantee the aesthetic appeal of the filled tooth by blending it with the rest of the natural teeth. To achieve a natural smile, it is fundamental to visit a dentist that uses metal-free products. 

No Allergic Reaction 

Amalgam fillings consist of mercury and other components. However a few people have reported allergies to mercury, so there is a slight risk in using this material for the tooth restoration procedure as opposed to a metal-free procedure by the dentists in Laguna Niguel.

The allergic reaction linked with mercury can cause inflammation and irritate the soft tissues inside the mouth. This can lead to several problems associated with gums and overall oral health and might result in the removal of mercury fillings in the future. To prevent this from happening, opt for holistic dentistry which does provide metal-free alternatives. Not only will you restore your damaged teeth, but it will prevent any issues related to allergic reactions. 

No Concerns About Mercury

The issue that patients of dentists in Laguna Niguel face is the fact that metal amalgam in dental restorations contains mercury as one of the metal components. Typically, mercury is poisonous, but the amounts in dental restorations are safe enough for healthy adults. 

Nevertheless, studies have not confirmed that the mercury amounts in dental restorations are safe for pregnant mothers, fetuses, and children under the age of six. 

Even though the composite dental restorations do not include any known poisonous substances, most patients who want to be cautious usually stay away from fillings containing mercury such as amalgam dental restorations.

Low Risk of Infection

When a dentist does a metal restoration procedure, it usually consists of separate pieces of materials. For instance, a titanium implant is two pieces of titanium that manufacturers have fused together. If the two pieces move after treatment, they may create a space between them which bacteria might take advantage of, causing an infection. When you receive a metal-free treatment, you do not have to be concerned about this risk. 

No Metal Absorption 

When there are metal devices in a person’s mouth, some of the metal ions may leak and get absorbed inside the mouth. For instance, research has found that natural teeth absorb some of the nickel, chromium, and iron in stainless steel dental crowns. Although the dangers of absorptions are still not clear, you might want to be more careful and opt for metal-free dental devices to prevent such risks. 

Less Pain

Before the dentist can place the metal, or amalgam filling, inside the patient’s mouth, the dentist has to prepare the tooth by drilling and filing it into a proper shape. Unfortunately, this process can be slightly painful for patients. Fortunately, the composite resin needs much less drilling into the tooth, lowering the amount of sensitivity that the patient may feel. 

Reduced Waiting Time

It isn’t the dentist’s fault that preparing a tooth for an amalgam filling is a time-consuming process that can keep a patient idle in a chair for longer than they would hope for. The good news is that metal-free dental care, besides all the other benefits, is a faster process.

Strength and Durability

Don’t believe the false assumptions that metal crowns are stronger than metal-free crowns, because they are not. The composite dental crowns bond together with the teeth to form a durable bond that strengthens the weak tooth. The composite crown is made up of a single piece of material, which lowers the risk of it being damaged. The design makes the metal-free crown stronger than the metal crown. 


Now, what about the price? Many metals used in dental devices are premium metals that are not very cheap. If you are looking to restore your teeth, and you don’t want to pay sky-high prices, you are probably better off with the metal-free restoration alternatives. The price advantage is even more obvious when you have to restore numerous teeth.  

So, with that being said, why don’t you try a more biological approach to dental care? At Aria Dental of Mission we offer expert holistic dental treatments. Dr. Horiyat, who is a holistic, biological, & integrative dentist & IAOMT, ACIDM, & IABDM certified, provides complete treatments that also improve your health in the long run.

To find more information about holistic dentistry, give Aria Dental a call or text today at (949) 364-9600 or send us a message on our website to schedule your appointment with our dedicated and professional holistic dentist.

Why Are Holistic Dental Implants in Orange County So Popular?

December 11th, 2019

Holistic dental implants in Orange County

Anyone performing dental implants in Orange County can tell you that holistic dentistry is on the rise. Why? Because there is a growing amount of people who understand that our health depends on environmental factors and what we put inside our bodies. 

Holistic dentistry of the orthodontist in Mission Viejo helps patients live a happier, more natural and less toxic life. It links the gap between conventional dentistry and natural healing abilities. The oral surgeon in Mission Viejo, CA has an evident surge of patients requesting holistic dentistry because it promotes health and well-being through healthy nourishment, elimination of toxins, and the advancement of physical, mental and energetic balance. 

What Is Holistic Or Biological Dentistry?

Holistic or biological dentistry is more of a philosophy rather than a specialty. This philosophy is aware of the fact that dental structures are linked to other parts of the body. This signifies that the dental structures are part of the entire body and when they are affected, the whole body is affected. This philosophy leads to holistic dentists providing quality dental care to their patients without causing issues in other parts of their body. 

Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a holistic dentist at Aria Dental and has a special approach to how she provides her patients with dental treatment services. Not only is Dr. Horiyat concerned about her patients’ oral health but also their overall well-being. Additionally, she takes great care to make her patients comfortable while they are receiving treatment. 

There is an increasing amount of holistic dentists in many areas across the United States, including those performing dental implants in Orange County. The numbers are increasing for a few reasons, such as the fact that people are more aware that the teeth and gums are thought to be important to the rest of the body, and vice versa. Furthermore, there are increasing concerns about the effects mercury amalgam fillings could have on an individual’s health. 

What Is The Difference Between Holistic And Conventional Dentists?

The main goal of holistic dentistry is to minimize the patient’s exposure to toxic substances in every area of dentistry. For instance, a digital computer-generated x-ray unit is used to take a patient’s x-rays which lowers a patient’s exposure to radiation. The use of fluoride in adults and children is prohibited. 

Most holistic dentists are continuously attending courses to educate themselves on the safest and most biocompatible materials available for dental work. Furthermore, some holistic dentists do further testing to find out if a person has the ability to tolerate specific restorative material over long periods of time since the degree of tolerance for dental materials is different from one person to another. 

What Do Holistic Dentists Do? 

Holistic dentists are just like any other conventional dentist, but better. They fill cavities, clean teeth, make bridges, and make dental implants in Orange County. However, there is a little bit of a twist to a holistic dentist’s workings compared to conventional dentists and that is they evaluate the whole body from the diet and lifestyle to your mental and emotional health. Also, they mostly explore the use of technology to minimize the patient’s, staff’s, doctor’s and the environment’s exposure to harmful chemicals. 

Using Biocompatible Dental Materials

During dentistry treatments, dentists usually use particular dental materials as restorative means for dental problems. Examples of some of these materials are porcelain veneers, dental implants, composite fillings, and even dental crowns and dentures. 

However, holistic dentists use safe materials when providing these same dental services. Dental materials are considered safe when they are biocompatible, which means that, when used, they do not cause any health issues. For instance, Dr. Maryam Horiyat is a committed holistic dentist who uses amalgam-free dental material when providing dental services. 

Furthermore, she believes in eliminating amalgam fillings because they consist of a dangerous metal, such as mercury, that can cause severe health problems. Her skills and experience are tied together with her holistic dentistry philosophy to make sure her patients receive the best dental care and can stay rest assured that they will have a healthy future. 

How Do Holistic Dentists Remove Amalgam Fillings? 

There are various ways a holistic dentist will go about removing toxicity in the patient’s mouth. There have even been reported extreme cases which would consist of the holistic dentist and staff wearing hazmat suits and dual-valve gas masks, while the patient is covered head to toe, which just the working tooth exposed. However, typically the old mercury fillings are removed with super-strong suction, separated from the wastewater into an isolated container. Afterward, an EPA-licensed agent picks up this container for safe disposal of the mercury content. 

Some holistic dentists will give the patient heavy metal binding supplements such as activated charcoal, vitamin C, juniper berry and cilantro. After the holistic dentist coats the tissues inside the patient’s mouth, he or she will ask the patient to swallow the supplements so the digestive organs can also be coated and protected. 

During the removal procedure, there is ample ventilation. The patient wears a mask and gown that is disposed of after treatment. A rubber dam is utilized around each tooth that is being treated. This rubber dam fits tightly so that no pieces of amalgam filling can accidentally be swallowed. Most holistic dentists have a unique technique to remove fillings swiftly so that the patient’s exposure time to vapors is kept to a minimum.

How Do Holistic Dentists Replace Amalgam Fillings? 

After the holistic dentist has removed the amalgam fillings, he or she will fill the tooth using resin, plastic and other materials. Normally, holistic dentists use the same type of anesthesia as conventional dentists. However, they may have a naturopathic doctor on standby who helps run an IV with vitamin C to help the body fight the stress and anxiety the patient might feel during the procedure. 

It is never too late to give yourself, and the ones you love, a more holistic and natural approach to dental care. To find out more information about holistic dentistry, give Aria Dental a call or text today at (949) 364-9600 to schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated and professional holistic dentists.

Dental Implants Mission Viejo Provides Zirconia Dental Implant For Lyme Disease Patients

September 10th, 2019

If you suffer from Lyme disease and are thinking about getting dental implants Mission Viejo, then you should be aware of your increased metal sensitivity. A dental implant, which consists of medical-grade Titanium, is the most common type of implant used by oral surgeons. However, when patients are affected by Lyme Disease or any other auto-immune disease, they are highly likely to report increased metal sensitivity and run the risk of infection after placing conventional titanium dental implants in their mouths.


Why Should Lyme Disease Patients Avoid Titanium Dental Implants Mission Viejo?

There used to be a time that Lyme disease was only existent in Connecticut and other Atlantic states within the Northeast region of the United States. Unfortunately, today's medical practitioners have seen this disease disperse itself throughout the entire country, and is now prevalent in every state, including California. Dental implants Orange County points out that the ticks which carry the Lyme disease bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, have settled and found a home in 42 of California’s counties, including our beloved Orange County!

It is no longer safe to assume that Lyme disease is only a risk for people residing in Northern California. Within Orange County alone, there have been 27 reported cases of Lyme disease since 2000. Also, there is a strong possibility that many other cases have materialized but have been left unaccounted for up until now. These individuals are more likely to experience metal sensitivity, compared to those who are unaffected from Lyme disease.

How Does Metal From Dental Implants Affect Lyme Disease Patients?

Most of the time Lyme disease patients only realize they have a sensitivity to the metal once they have a titanium dental implant placed in their mouth and they begin to develop an infection. Many medical professionals believe this happens because Lyme disease can alter the way the immune system works, which makes the body more sensitive to things they probably disregarded before.

One of these things is metals. When the body was Lyme disease-free, it was oblivious to the existence of some heavy metals. However, once a person is affected with Lyme disease, the presence of heavy metals is very likely to set off an allergic reaction. Sadly, one of these metals that Lyme disease sufferers are most likely to negatively respond to is titanium and it is a common metal found in titanium dental implants; and a lot of implants are manufactured from pure titanium.

What Are Dental Implants & When Do You Need Them?

Many dentists will unanimously agree that patients should practice good oral hygiene to prevent the need for dental implants. However, dental implants are sometimes inevitable because of tooth decay, root canal failure, mouth trauma, gum disease, excessive wear, and tear as well as congenital defects.

Essentially, dental implants are a means to replace a tooth artificially, which is an orthodontic procedure that stops and even prevents jawbone loss. A familiar material used for ordinary titanium implants is titanium, which many dentists use without establishing whether the patient receiving it is biocompatible with it.

Arial Dental has witnessed many Lyme disease patients who have received titanium dental implants become problematic because of an allergic reaction to the metal. This metal toxicity can cause other severe and chronic conditions, and escalate autoimmune conditions after implantation.

What Are Zirconia Dental Implants?

At Aria Dental, we use cutting-edge technology and a modern-day alternative to titanium implants that prevents our patients (particularly Lyme Disease sufferers) from experiencing any infections or discomfort after their dental implants. This new alternative is a zirconia dental implant and is known by only a few dental clinics in Orange County.

A zirconia dental implant consists of a zirconium derivative, zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) that is a colorless, strong solid material with chemical resistance. Zirconia is extremely biocompatible, which means it is not harmful or toxic to living tissues. In the US, zirconia implants are a new realm of replacement teeth that only a few dental clinics, like Aria Dental, are equipped and qualified to implant them.

Zirconia implants provide many patients with a high acceptance rate and have resulted in excellent osseointegration, which refers to bone growing around the implant material as it does around our natural tooth roots. At the moment, the FDA approved Zirconia implants consist of one piece. This entails the synthetic tooth root and the abutment are connected, which is dissimilar to the two pieces that make up a Titanium dental implant.

Are Zirconia Implants Metal-Free?

Yes, absolutely! Zirconia is well-known for its diamond-like qualities without any traces of metal. Implant dentistry companies create this crystal material and input a tooth color for a more natural look to the tooth being replaced. Zirconia implants are marketed as metal-free because it is the crystal form of the transitional metal Zirconium. When dental implant manufacturers treat, stabilize and convert zirconium into its crystal phase it becomes a ceramic known as Zirconium Oxide, or better known as Zirconia. Besides being a suitable material to use as dental implants for patients who are allergic to metals, Zirconia is becoming an increasingly popular material to use in dental fillings since many are concerned with the health risks linked to high levels of Mercury in the body.

Are There Other Benefits With Zirconia Dental Implants?

Besides the fact that Zirconia dental implants react extremely well with bone and gums, and are a good dental implant alternative for individuals who suffer from autoimmune diseases such as Lyme disease, they support the other following benefits:

  • No grey looks around the gums
  • One-piece design prevents bacteria to colonize between the synthetic tooth and abutment
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • More comfort and resistance
  • Shorter surgery time

Aria Dental provides the services of a biological dentist that is fully qualified to place metal-free and biocompatible dental implants such as zirconia in our patients’ mouths. Zirconia closely resembles the composition of our natural teeth compared to titanium, which is why there is a lower risk of infection. Additionally, because zirconia is not a metal, oral galvanism is not something you have to worry about. If you want more information about Lyme disease and Zirconia implants, call Aria Dental at 949-364-9600 or visit our website at

What Are Dental Implants Mission Viejo?

July 2nd, 2019

Depending on the severity of your smile, oral surgeon Mission Viejo CA might advise you to get dental implants.

Dental implants Mission Viejo are used to replace a missing tooth or severely damaged tooth and they are usually made out of titanium or metal-free zirconia ceramic and placed into the root of the tooth. Also, very much like a tooth root, the titanium or Zirconia Implants is placed into the jawbone underneath your gums. When they are in the correct position, the oral surgeon Mission Viejo can mount a dental crown onto it.

woman with Dental implants at mission

How Do Dental Implants Mission Viejo Work?

Due to the fact that implants are joined to the jawbone, they offer secure support for artificial teeth. Furthermore, if you have dentures or bridges, when they are mounted to implants you don’t run the risk of them slipping or shifting in your mouth. This is particularly important when you are eating and speaking, since having your dentures or bridges popping off could be very embarrassing.

The stable fit helps individual crowns, dentures, and bridges that are positioned over implants to feel more comfortable and natural compared to traditional bridges or dentures. There are some people who suffer from sore spots, poor ridges or gagging when they wear ordinary bridges or dentures. Furthermore, normal bridges have to be affixed to teeth on both sides of the space that is remaining from the missing teeth. A great benefit that implants offer is that adjoining teeth don’t have to be prepared or grounded down to cling to the new replacement tooth or teeth in position.

In order to undergo implants, you have to have healthy gums and good bones to support the implant. If you do not have enough bone, bone graft might be suggested. Apart from this, you must also make an effort to keep these body parts healthy. It is important to practice consistent oral hygiene and regularly visit your dentist to prolong your dental implants.

How Safe Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants Mission Viejo have no doubt that implants are a safe and secure treatment. They have even gone so far to say that just like natural teeth if you take care of your implants well, you should have them for a very long time.

If you neglect your implants, they will start to form a coating that looks like what happens to natural teeth when overlooking them. When this goes untreated, it can result in gum infection, bleeding, soreness and overall discomfort. The same results could happen with natural teeth if you don’t take care of them either.

When the implants are properly looked after, and the bone the implants are affixed to is strong and healthy, implants can last for many years. Nevertheless, similar to all other surgical implants such as a hip replacement there are no lifetime guarantees.

Do Dental Implants Hurt?

Even though you have some of your own teeth, you can still opt for dental implants. Dental implants Orange County are suitable for individuals who want to replace a single tooth to electing for a complete set of new teeth. Most of the time, dental implants can be used to replace missing teeth, but this all depends on the condition of the bone in your jaw. That is why it is important for your dentist to perform some specific tests to establish how much bone is available. If the tests conclude that there isn’t enough, or the jawbone isn’t healthy enough, it probably won’t be possible to put implants in without grafting bone within the area prior to placing the dental implants.

The most frequently asked question that is asked is whether or not dental implants hurt. You will be happy to hear that an implant is easier to place inside the mouth than extracting a tooth. Also, you will be pleased to know that implants are usually conducted with a local anesthetic. However, if you like to be more comfortable and relax during procedure, you can discuss with your dentist and choose a one of the possible sedation types that is suitable for you. Although you won’t feel any pain while the procedure is being performed, just like when a tooth is extracted, you may experience some discomfort for a week after the surgery

How Long Does It Take To Put In Dental Implants?

Before you begin treatment, your dentist will let you know what to expect. Conveniently, some provisional permanent restoration can be fitted in at the same time as the implants. These are referred to as ‘immediate implants. On the other hand, false teeth are usually fitted 3 to 4 months after the implants are placed. There are cases when treatment sometimes takes longer, and your dentist will advise you about your treatment duration.

What Is Dental Implant Aftercare?

Your dentist will provide details on how to look after and care for your implant. Furthermore, your dentist might prescribe some painkillers after surgery to take over the next few days if you feel they are necessary.

Once your implants have been placed, the bone that is in your jaw has to grow onto them in order for them to fuse together. This usually occurs within a few months. There are times when the implants are sufficiently secure when they are positioned for the false teeth that they can be fitted sooner than the usual time.

If you are having several teeth replaced, your dentist will provide you with a temporary denture while you wait for your permanent restoration. If you already have a set of dentures, you can continue to wear them while your implants heal. Most likely your dentures require adjusting, to fit correctly after the implant surgery and a ‘healing cap’ might be placed onto the implant area to protect it.

Don’t leave your mouth with lots of unnecessary gaps and spaces that offer you very little self-esteem and prevents you from chewing your food properly. If you need more advice about dental implants, don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation that could change your smile for the better.

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Be Sure You’ve Chosen the Best Professional in Mission Viejo to Install Your Dental Implants

March 4th, 2019

Mission Viejo residents who need dental implants are probably not looking forward to the procedure. Receiving oral care is enough to make some people in Orange County squeamish, and getting dental implants is a bit more complex of an undertaking than a run-of-the-mill cleaning. However, if it’s something that you need, then there is no point in putting it off. If you do, you open up the possibility of your teeth shifting, or other damage occurring that will be more costly to fix the longer you delay.

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With that in mind, you can take these steps to ensure that the professional in Mission Viejo who you choose to install your dental implants is the best person for the job.

Ask Around

The first step that you may wish to take when selecting a specialist to install your dental implants is to ask any friends, family, or coworkers in Mission Viejo if they have any recommendations. It’s great to look at reviews of a dental professional on Yelp, Google, and other places online, but it’s even better if you can speak to someone who has personally used this individual in the past.

What you want is some indication that they did the job in a satisfactory manner, and also that their temperament and disposition was acceptable. It’s necessary for the specialist that you choose to have the skills and background to do the procedure, but you also want someone who’s kind and compassionate, especially if you’re nervous about what’s going to be taking place.

Speak to Them in Person

Next, you’ll want to head to the office in Orange County where you will receive the dental implants. Talk to the staff, and speak to the specialist who will be handling the procedure. What is your impression of them? Do they seem capable and experienced? Do they answer any questions that you have, and do they take your concerns seriously?

You’ll also want to talk to them about what kind of insurance they accept, and you’ll need to ascertain what you might be paying for out of pocket. Dental implants can be costly, and you don’t want to have to deal with any unexpected costs once the procedure has already taken place.

By doing the necessary research first and going into this event with your eyes wide open, you should be better prepared for what’s going to occur. It’s not likely to be the most pleasant experience in the world, but selecting a genuine professional in Mission Viejo who cares about their patients can make a world of difference.

Knowing that you’re working with one of the best oral surgeons available should help to assuage your fears, and you can look forward to your life going forward with your implant.

Why Aria Dental?

Since the experience level of your oral surgeon does make a difference, it’s wise to seek out an implant specialist who has put in at least a decade in the industry. The periodontists at Aria Dental have more than twenty years of experience, and they are all American Board-Certified. They’ve done thousands of procedures and had great results, so you can be confident that when they’re finished, your smile will have improved exponentially.

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Regain Your Smile with the Help of an Implant Dentist in Mission Viejo

January 2nd, 2019

In an ideal world, all of us will be smiling with perfect teeth. Unfortunately, illness, poor oral hygiene, trauma to the mouth, and numerous other reasons mean that many people walk around with a broken smile. But don’t lose hope yet— with the help of an implant dentist in Mission Viejo, you can get back a smile that’s better and brighter than ever.

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Dental Implants: The Real Deal

Imagine dental implants as artificial tooth roots that are surgically-fused underneath the gums and right into the jawbone. Once the metal posts or frames are in place, they become the foundation for crowns or replacement teeth.

Dental implants have three main parts:

  • Base – typically made of Zirconium or Titanium; functions as the root of the crown
  • Connector/Abutment – hexagonal or octagonal in shape, it is the middle part of the implant and secures the crown in place
  • Crown – made from a ceramic material; the tooth-like, top part of the implant built to look like real teeth

Oral surgery for dental implants will be undertaken by your dental implant specialists or board-certified periodontists.

In general, expect the recovery process to take three to six months. If this sounds too long for you, remember that dental implants in Orange County heal faster than almost all load-bearing medical implants today.

Once you realize that dental implants can virtually last a lifetime, those three to six months will go by in the blink of an eye!

Why You Should Treat Implants Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants feel, look, and work exactly like real teeth. Once they're healed, you can expect significant benefits like:

  • Improved appearance

    Dental implants are designed to look lifelike. Depending on your dentist in Mission Viejo, the crowns can even be customized with layers of color and tiny nicks that mimic natural wear and tear.

    A lot of people have a hard time telling natural teeth and dental implants apart, so you don’t have to be self-conscious about your smile.

  • Improved speech

    Dentures can cause you to mumble or slur while speaking especially when they slip out of place. This doesn't happen with dental implants since they are screwed permanently into position so you can speak clearly without hesitation.

  • Feel comfortable

    Since dental implants feel like real teeth, they’ll never feel awkward in your mouth.

  • Eat your favorite foods

    Fully-recovered dental implants will allow you to eat anything with confidence and without pain. They’re extra-durable, so you don’t have to stay away from crunchy foods like nuts and apples.

  • Better oral health

    A lot of experts have observed that those with dental implements also exercise excellent oral hygiene. It allows you access between teeth for optimal brushing and flossing.

Dental Implants — Modern Solution for a Great Smile

With a 98% success rate, dental implants are an excellent way to regain the smile that you've lost. If you want to explore this option, schedule a consultation with your dental implant specialists here at Aria Dental.

Call us at (949) 364-9600, and we'll set up an appointment that's convenient for you.

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