Osseous Surgery

Plastic Surgery of the Gums

What most people may not realize is how dramatically their oral and overall health can be affected by gum disease. When gingivitis and periodontitis left untreated, they can harm more than just the soft tissue of the gums; they can also damage the bones that anchor teeth to the jaw and develop holes on your bones around your teeth. If no other periodontal treatment has worked to restore your teeth after gum disease, doing osseous surgery at Aria Dental, top dentist in Mission Viejo and surrounding communities, may be your best option. Despite the word “Surgery” the procedure is reported to feel more like a thorough cleaning.

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What Is Osseous Surgery?

When periodontal disease is well advanced or does not respond to initial treatments like scaling and root planning, a more direct approach may be necessary. Osseous surgery also known as flap surgery, pocket depth reduction, gingivectomy, periodontal surgery is the standard for treating advanced periodontal infections. Our board-certified periodontist will perform Osseous Surgery to access to the roots to remove tartar and disease-causing bacteria, to reshape deformities the bones that hold one or more teeth in place by using specialized tools, and to remove pockets in alveolar bone surrounding the teeth. In some cases, our periodontist can add bone grafting materials to give it a more natural and functional contour.

Benefits of Osseous Surgery

The procedure provides numerous benefits to the patients, including:

  • Decreasing Pocket depth
  • Reducing or preventing Bacteria spread – Bacterial from the mouth can spread throughout the body and lead to life-threatening conditions such as heart disease and respiratory disease. Removing deep tartar and thereby bacteria can help reduce the risk of bacteria spreading.
  • Preventing bone loss – The immune system’s inflammatory response prompted by periodontal bacteria can lead to bone loss in jaw, which could ultimately leads to teeth to fall out. Osseous surgery seeks to stop periodontal disease before it progresses to this level.
  • Restoring gum health
  • Cessation of bleeding gums
  •  Enhancing your smile
  • Freshening breath
  • Making tooth-brushing and flossing easier

What Does Osseous Surgery Entail?

Our professional and board-certified periodontists, Dr. Balshe and Dr. Moran have helped countless patients to achieve better gum health successfully with modern and advanced gum surgery techniques. The procedure involves lifting the gum tissue away from the surface of the tooth after applying local anesthetic, allowing access to the roots and underlying bone. This enables us to clean any plaque and tartar buildup on the tooth. After the roots have been thoroughly cleaned through scaling, a drill and hand tools will be used to reshape and smooth the roughness within damaged bone which was caused by bacteria.

In some cases, we implement a bone graft to restore defective regions and strengthen the jaw. Then, we reposition the gums and suture them into place. Finally, we cover the site with periodontal pack or dressing. Pain medicine and mouth rinses containing chlorhexidine are generally prescribed following the surgery. Then you come back to Aria Dental for post-ups checkups.

Do not be alarmed if bleeding and swelling occur after the surgery. This can be controlled easily by placing an ice pack on the outside of the affected area. In cases where the bleeding and swelling is in excess, it is advised that you call to notify our office. Several follow up visits may be necessary, and you must fulfill a meticulous maintenance program especially during the initial phases of healing to avoid post-operative infection

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