PRF (Stem Cells)

Natural Therapy Created from Your Own Blood

Stem Cell Grafting (L-PRF) promotes faster holistic healing & regeneration systems for better health of your teeth.

L- PRF (Leucocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin) also known as PRGF (Plasma Rich Growth Factors) is one of the newest procedures in dentistry. This technique allows your biological dentist, Dr. Maryam Horiyat, to use your own white blood cells to promote healing as well as regenerate bone and tissues naturally. 

Unlike other types of traditional treatments that use artificially made compound, L-PRF therapy utilizes your own natural growth factors found in your own blood. Plate Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) effectively enhance the body’s healing and regeneration system; they also decreases the post-operative complications. PRP and PRF procedures are ultra-safe and do not require any alteration of your blood such as adding medications, chemicals, synthetic or outsourced donor cells from other human or animals. This makes L-PRF the ideal holistic approach to 100% natural healing. 

Aria Dental uses L-PRF in many dental surgical procedures such as tooth extractions and dental implants. L-PRF accelerates the healing process, decreases surgical pain and swelling for dental implants and wisdom tooth removal. L-PRF also improves the strength of bone osseointegration to implants.

The L-PRF (Leucocyte Platelet Rich Fibrinprocess) is very easy. Basically a small amount of blood is drawn immediately prior to the procedure while the patient is getting numb for the dental procedures to create an advanced bioactive compound that enables the body to boost the healing components naturally found in your own blood. The blood is then put into a centrifuge at 2700 rpms for 13minutes. After 13 minutes, the blood is separated into 3 layers:

  1. Clear liquid or plasma layer.
  2. Red layer rich in red blood cells
  3. Yellow thick layer which is the PRF layer. This jello-like mixture consists of fibrin, platelets, white blood cells, stem cells, and bone growth factors.

The L-PRF Layer is a yellow and thick jelly-like biologic material derived from patient blood. The PRF layer is rich in fibrin, platelets and growth factors. PRF is a much better alternative to sending a tooth removal patient home with an unfilled bony extraction socket or implant site.

The use of L-PRF protects the bony surgical site from infection, accelerates the healing process and decreases pain after a procedure. L- PRF treatment is 100% natural and we do not use any additives or preservatives.

Advantages of Leucocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin (L– PRF)  

When a patient loses a tooth or bone due to periodontal disease, that bone can be grafted with bone that dentists buy from different companies which may be cow bone, cadaver bone, or synthetic bone. However, these bones do not have the regular blood supply that a normal bone would have. This lack of blood supply could lead to delayed healing, infection, and less integration of the grafted bone with the patient's own bone. This type of problem has been solved with L-PRF. In many cases when using this technique, the platelet membrane can be used to signal the patient's body to grow more bone.

L-PRF offers advantages that include:

  • 100% Natural
  • No Additives, Chemicals or Foreign Substances
  • No Allergy Reactions
  • Improved Healing Properties
  • Simple, Safe and Effective
  • Practically Painless

L-PRF application is used to expedite the post-procedure healing process and is completely safe. Since the blood used will come from the patient’s own body, disease transmission is not a factor. Almost all patients report a much greater degree of comfort immediately after their procedure. There are also several more distinct benefits of PRF:

  • Accelerated Healing Process after Implant and Wisdom Tooth Removal.
  • Less Pain after Dental Procedures.
  • Decreased Swelling.
  • Accelerated Osseointegration or Healing of Bone to Dental Implants.
  • Improved Strength of Bone Integration to Dental Implants.
  • Decreased Chance of Dry Socket and Cavitation after Tooth Extraction.
  • Increased Early Blood Supply to Tooth Extraction Socket.
  • Facilitates Fast and Proper Healing of Wisdom Tooth Extraction Sites.
  • Lower Infection Risk after Procedure by Sealing the Wound away from Infectious Agents.
  • Safe and Convenience...No Disease Transmission Since It's from Patient's Own Blood.

There Are Several Ways in Which L- PRF Can Be Used in Clinical Dentistry

  • Bone Grafting for Implants: This includes sinus lift, ridge augmentation, closure of a cleft lip, cleft palate deformities, and both inlay and onlay grafts.
  • Bone Repair: PRF can be used in facial trauma reconstruction, repairing of defects due to tooth removal, or removal of growths and cysts.
  • Fistula Repair: This includes the repair of fistulas between the mouth and the sinus cavity.

As your holistic and bio dentist in Orange County, Dr. Horiyat is proud to be able to offer her patients this exciting holistic approach to healing. If you have any questions about PFR therapy, please feel free to ask any member of our team during your next visit to Aria Dental of Mission Viejo.

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