Safe Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART)

Look Natural & Feel Natural! ... Choose Mercury-Safe / Metal-Free Dentistry (Holistic  & Biological Dentistry)  

When you look in the mirror and smile what do you see? Do you see a black metal amalgam filling(s) or visible metal on your dental restoration? Do you know that metal fillings in your mouth contain neurotoxin Mercury; a poison that is responsible for the degeneration of nerve tissue and many other diseases?

Mercury has the ability to permeate any cell in our bodies and causes atypical conditions within our cells. This can be detrimental to our overall wellness. Mercury may contribute to many disorders, chronic disease, and symptoms including a variety of nervous, digestive, and immune issues such as Alzheimer’s, brain fog, dizziness, chronic fatigue, skin rashes, irritability, metallic taste, and more.

According American Dental Association, when Mercury is “fixed” or “bound” by other metal in amalgam fillings such as tin, zinc, copper, silver, it is considered safe.

However, Mercury is released as a highly toxic vapor when Mercury is exposed either to heat during eating or drinking hot foods or friction during brushing, chewing, and grinding. In addition, harmful vapors are also released during traditional amalgam filling removal.

Aria Dental Offers “Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique" (SMART)

About 50% of dental offices are "Mercury Free", but less than 1% are "Mercury Safe"... WE ARE BOTH.

You don’t have to live with either harmful Mercury restoration or an unattractive and old ugly dental restoration. Safe Mercury Amalgam Technique (SMART) with IAOMT Certified Dentist, Dr. Maryam Horiyat, can be used to not only rejuvenate your face, but also stop your body from getting more mercury exposure from your silver amalgam fillings and restoration.

If you are less than thrilled when you look in the mirror and wants to stop getting harmful neurotoxic mercury from your dental fillings, we offer the options of smile rejuvenation with SAFE MERCURY AMALGAM REMOVAL TECHNIQUE (SMART). To find the best and most advanced treatment option to rejuvenate your smile with the 5-Star "SMART" Certified Dentist in California, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Maryam Horiyat by calling (949) 364-9600  or of Mission Viejo.

Why to Remove Silver (Amalgam) Restoration?

Silver (amalgam) restorations contains 50% mercury in combination with other metal such as silver, tin, and copper. Mercury is a very powerful poison and if you have silver (amalgam) fillings or crowns, you are being poisoned by them every second of your life. Common activities such as chewing gum, eating, tooth brushing and tooth grinding can dramatically increase the release of mercury vapor, which will permeate in your cells and lead to atypical health conditions and even chronic disease, including a variety of nervous, digestive, and immune issues. 

Risks of Silver/Mercury Dental Amalgam Fillings

Toxic Mercury is continuously emitted from dental amalgam fillings, and it is absorbed and retained in the body, particularly in the brain, kidney, liver, lung, and gastrointestinal tract. 

According to International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT), dental mercury and its vapor have been scientifically linked to many health conditions, including:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Anxiety
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • Cardiovascular Problems
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Depression
  • Kidney Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Reproductive Dysfunction
  • Thyroiditis
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Who Needs to Remove Silver Mercury Amalgam Fillings?

EVERYONE, especially women before they become pregnant, needs to immediately remove their silver mercury fillings with a "SMART" certified holitic and biological dentist, Dr. Maryam Horiyat who is licensed from International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and Holistic Detnal Association (HDA) because Mercury has the ability to cross the placenta. This is one the reasons, the use of dental amalgam is banned in many countries such as Canada, Denmark, and Sweden. However, dental amalgam is still widely used in the United States as an inexpensive material.

Safe Removal of Silver Mercury Fillings 

Safety of our Patients, our Team, and Environment is our #1 Priority!

At Aria Dental, we have set in place extra care, techniques, materials, and equipment to minimize your risk of exposure of mercury during removal of dental amalgam fillings.

Our patients are completely protected from any mercury exposure during the removal of their old silver mercury amalgam fillings. This is accomplished with the use of medical grade oxygen, mask, rubber dam and unique micro-seal technique to minimize the inhalation of mercury vapors. We use filtration masks and special evacuation equipment; we also follow strict toxic waste protocols to protect our precious environment.

When Should I Replace My Amalgam (Silver) Fillings with Composite (White) Fillings or Crowns?

Immediately...but only with SMART certified Dentist who are trained and have equipment to safely remove them.

What is Mercury Detox?

Your total wellness begins in your mouth.

As mercury is released into our body, it is filtered through the kidneys before leaving the body. However, the rate of excretion to efficiently eliminate mercury is usually not optimal, specially with prolonged or high exposure and for individual with sensitive or allergic system. Thus, mercury starts to accumulate in our kidneys, liver, and brain, which will ultimately cause developing health problems.

As your dental care team, we want to safely remove dental silver mercury amalgam fillings and ultimately help you to eliminated accumulated mercury in the body, yet, we do not want to over burden an already burdened system.

Detoxification protocols are designed to find out where you are in the spectrum of toxicity. The followings are what we consider when treating mercury-exposed patients:

  • The kind of mercury
  • How much of mercury and for how long you have been exposed
  • Age of exposure (the younger you are, the more risk of adverse effects)
  • How you were exposed (ingestion, inhalation, skin contact)

Sources of Mercury:

Mercury found in the body comes mainly from two sources and is excreted through different routes.

  1. Methyl-mercury is found in seafood and is excreted from hair.
  2. Inorganic mercury is found in dental amalgam and is excreted from urine.

Mercury Toxicity Test

If you have symptoms of mercury toxicity, we recommend the mercury Tri-Test by QuickSilver Scientific. The Tri-Test ensures you find you where you are on the spectrum of mercury toxicity. The mercury Tri-Test separates both forms of mercury (Methyl-mercury & Inorganic Mercury) and provides a ratio of excretion from each one of these sources.

FDA released its own mercury sensitivity self-test for consumers an patients to better protect themselves.


Problems That Smile Rejuvenation Fix

Smile Rejuvenation can address numerous dental issues either on your natural or restored teeth. Some of the most common conditions are:


Metal Amalgam: Unattractive, Uncomfortable, and Dangerous

For more than a century, metal amalgam (silver) was the best material used for fillings or any other restoration.  Metal amalgam is a mixture of mercury, silver, tin, copper, and other metals. Multiple scientific researches have shown that metal amalgam causes significant problems:

  • Metal amalgam fillings turn black over time and looks very unattractive.
  • Metal amalgam fillings increase temperature sensitivity in your teeth because they conduct heat and expand at a different rate than natural tooth structure.
  • Metal amalgam fillings contain 48-55% mercury as the main ingredient. Mercury is known to be toxic and dangerous substance because mercury has the ability to permeate any cell in the body and cause atypical health conditions such as Lou Gehrig's Disease (ALS) and Alzheimer's Disease. Many patients who have had removed their mercury filling experience the dramatic restoration of health and vitality. Thus, removal of metal amalgam is considered to be beneficial to you. 

We can replace your metal amalgam fillings with white composite options to give safer and overall healthier to your body as well as more attractive and comfortable smile.

Metal and PFM Crowns & Bridges

Many years ago, using metal in dental restoration was better options because the solid porcelain crowns were not strong enough to withstand your bite’s force. Later, porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crowns were introduced to dentistry to give an attractive crown with strength of metal. However, a dark metal is visible at the gum line, it tarnishes and changes the color of your gum to dark and retains plaque at your gum line.

Today, because of the advancement in material science of solid porcelain crowns and Zirconia crowns, we can replace your metal crowns or PFM with solid porcelain.

Unattractive, Uncomfortable, Damaged, or Old Dental Restorations

Sometime people get dental restoration that may not look pleasant or comfortable. Other times, dental restorations may look ok, but they get damaged or old over time. We can help to replace your old or unattractive restoration to give you younger, brighter, healthier, and whiter smile that you will be proud to show off on a daily basis.

To manage your smile, oral health, and overall health with holistic and biological dental care in Orange County, contact our office.


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