Sedation Dentistry

Enjoy A Calm & Relaxing Dental Experience with Sedative Dentistry

Do you have dental fear or anxiety?  Are you uncomfortable sitting in the dental chair for your treatment? Do you have trouble with gagging or getting numb? If your fear delays you from visiting your dentist, or the mere thought of stepping into dental office makes you anxious, you will be in great hand at Aria Dental.

Dr. Maryam Horiyat and her caring team has compassionate, skills, and gentle manner; they understand your trepidation and will help to relinquish the fear barrier keeping you from your best smile while helping to get dental care free from pain, stress, and fear.

To overcome your dental anxiety and have a more comfortable and pleasant dental visit, call us at (949) 364-9600 or in Mission Viejo today to put your dental anxiety behind you...just like many of our patients.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Equals Comfort, Safety, and Efficiency

Sedation dentistry is a modern solution and alternative to traditional treatment that effectively allows you to relax and diminishes sensation by its amnesiac effect, so you have no recollection of the time it took, the pain, the noise, or the discomfort. Sedation can be used for every procedure from simple tooth cleaning to invasive procedures. We are pleased to offer our patients the option of comfortable, safe, and effective sedation dentistry.

Why Sedative Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry can help people who has:

  • Dental phobia or anxiety
  • History of traumatic dental experience
  • Difficulty getting numb with local anesthesia
  • Sensitive teeth or gum
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Complex dental problems and a need for surgery
  • Disability or special needs

Is Dental Sedation Safe?

Sedation dentistry is safe and rarely interact with other medications you are taking, but you should consult with Dr. Horiyat about prescription, over-the-counter medication, or supplements you are taking. You should also mention any prior allergic reactions to medications, and whether you have a heart condition or any other medical conditions.

What Types of Sedation Are Available In Dentistry? 

With modern Anesthesia Technology Our team at Aria Dental is proud to offer various level of sedation and anesthesia to ensure patients are completely comfortable throughout the most complex dental procedures.

  • NITROUS OXIDE (Laughing Gas) is used as a mild sedation and still one of the most popular type of sedation. Nitrous Oxide is inhaled through the nose during the entire procedure. Nitrous Oxide elevates the general mood and can evoke a general sense of well-being. Most importantly, it relieves anxiety and reduces pain during the procedure. Recovery is quick, so you can resume your normal activities immediately.
  • ORAL PRE- MEDICATION (Oral Conscious Sedation) is an excellent choice for needle-phobic patients. Prior to your treatment, you need to take a prescribed sedative medication to induce a moderate state of sedation by dulling senses. As a result, patients usually cannot remember the pain, noise or smell associated with dental procedure.
  • INTRAVENOUS "I.V." SEDATION is a moderate type of sedation. Patients who have previously experienced IV sedation often report feeling like they slept deeply through the entire procedure. IV sedation is administered by our anesthesiologist or oral surgeon.
  • HOSPITAL BASED GENERAL ANESTHESIA* is inpatient general anesthesia which is used for those who need extensive face, jaw, and mouth reconstruction such as TMJ surgery. It could be used in patients with certain disability such down syndrom who can not use Papoose, physical restraint. 

Type of Anesthesia

Will it Cause Amnesia Will I Need an Escort Home? Must I Fast Prior to Treatment?
Local Anesthesia (Novocaine) None No No
Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) Slightly No No
Oral Conscious Sedation (Pills) Moderate Yes No
Intravenous Sedation (Twilight Sleep) or (Conscious Sedation) Very Yes Yes
Hospital Based General Anesthesia* Very Yes Yes

*Since this type of sedation needs to be done in hospital, Aria Dental does not offer it. 

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry:

  • Safety:  Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) and Oral Conscious Sedation (pills) are extremely safe because you can breathe independently and respond to physical and verbal cues during the procedure.
  • Time Efficiency: Since dental sedation keeps you still and relaxed for a long period of time, it allows your sedative dentist to work quickly and effectively. If you are one of those who put off extensive dental work because you can’t fit multiple visits into your busy schedule, sedation dentistry can save you time because your sedative dentist may be able to complete the needed treatments in one or two long visits.
  • Comfort: If you struggle to sit for long periods of time, dental sedation can relax your neck or back muscles for a more comfortable experience. In addition, physical comfort is accomplished by mental and emotional ease since your fear and anxiety are reduced. At Aria Dental, we have massaging and heating dental chairs that helps you with circulation.
  • Anterograde Amnesia Effect:  While in many situations, amnesia might not be the most desirable outcome, in sedative dentistry, it is very desirable. Most of the dental sedation medications create a temporary amnesia effect.
  • Pain Relief:  Under the influence of sedative and anesthetics, the pain is completely removed, and your brain can not register pain.
  • Prevent Dental Phobia in Your Children & Brighter Smile in Their Future: The phobia many people have of the dentist commonly stems from an unpleasant experience in childhood, and the fear generally grown with each additional visit. With Sedation Dentistry, children do not feel any pain; therefore, visiting their dentists routinely will be a pleasant experience rather than a horrific memory. The routine visits to sedative dentist in Mission Viejo, CA., Dr. Maryam Horiyat, your children will not only get educated about their oral health, but also do their dental cleaning routinely, which will ultimately prevent more extensive dental treatments. In addition, the problematic dental habits do not get carry over into their adulthood and can be fixed at the early stage.
  • Reduction of Gag Reflex: A gag reflex helps the throat to expel any intrusive and foreign object. However, gag reflex can interfere with your dentist work inside the oral cavity. With modern Anesthetic Technology and sedative dentistry, gag reflex is paralyzed, which help your dentist to work faster and more efficiently, and the patient to be more comfortable.

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